46 Best Places to Visit in Pune

Best Places to Visit in Pune

Pune is known as the cultural heart of Maharashtra and offers many experiences for visitors to enjoy. Whether you prefer exploring ancient fortresses or shopping in modern malls, searching for spiritual peace at retreat centers, or seeking excitement with adventure sports, this city has something that will appeal to everyone. Let’s take a journey through the best places to visit in Pune.

Best Places to Visit in Pune

1. Shaniwar Wada

Take a trip back to Shaniwar Wada, an impressive palace with walls once home to Peshwa rulers during the Maratha era, from 1730 to 1818. Renowned for being one  the best places to visit in Pune, this grand structure displays architectural brilliance from that period. Discover intricate carvings and explore its large gates leading into expansive courtyards. Don’t forget, in the evenings there is a captivating light sound show that narrates the history of the fort filled with stories about courageous heroes, mystery plots, and emotional tragedies.

2. Darshan Museum

Experience Sadhu Vaswani’s life and teachings at Darshan Museum – an innovative destination where cutting-edge tech brings his messages to life. With immersive holograms, interactive displays, and AV presentations that bring his philosophy on universal love and compassion alive for all visitors. A perfect fusion of tradition with modern technology awaits you here.

3. Pune Science Centre

Spark your interest at Pune Science Centre. This engaging museum brings out the fun in science with interactive exhibits that appeal to people of all ages. From physics to biology, immerse yourself in various scientific disciplines through hands-on displays. The planetarium wows visitors with its stunning shows in space while D theater showcases educational films for a complete learning and entertainment package. A great place not just for families but also for science buffs.

4. Aga Khan Palace

Check out the Aga Khan Palace, one of the best places to visit in Pune, Known as an important historical site with stunning architecture. Constructed in, this palace held great importance during India’s fight for freedom. It once imprisoned Mahatma Gandhi, his spouse Kasturba and secretary, Mahadev Desai. Nowadays it features a memorial and museum dedicated to the independence struggle leader featuring personal mementos of him along with photographs, giving an insight into this great man’s life. Its beautiful gardens create a serene environment for relaxation.

5. Sinhagad Fort

Take on a journey to Sinhagad Fort nestled high above Pune’s cityscape. This historic fort has been part of countless battles in Maratha history and offers stunning 360-degree views when you reach its peak. While there, stroll through the remnants, pay your respects at the Tanaji Malusare memorial site, and relish local food from street vendors around.

6. Lal Mahal

Visit Lal Mahal, where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born. This historic palace may have been rebuilt in the 20th century but it still stands on the spot that witnessed his childhood days. Explore its museum filled with artifacts and paintings from Shivaji’s life. If you love history or Maratha culture, this place is a must-visit for an unforgettable experience.

7. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

Explore an amazing world filled with artwork and relics at the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum. With over 20,000 items collected by Dr. Dinkar G. Kelkar himself, this museum takes you on a fascinating journey through India’s culture and craftsmanship. Delight in exquisite carvings, unique musical instruments, traditional fabrics, and beautiful paintings – all showcasing centuries-old artistic traditions. This place is a paradise for art fans and history enthusiasts alike.

8. Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple

Feel the spiritual excitement in Pune at Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple. This revered place of worship is devoted to Lord Ganesha, drawing countless followers every day due to its stunning gold-decorated main idol. During the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, this temple transforms into the centerpiece for spectacular celebrations that attract both believers and non-religious visitors alike. It’s not only about religion here, being one of the best places to visit in Pune, this mesmerizing architecture and ambiance are a must to experience while exploring Pune.

9. Pataleshwar Cave Temple

Take a journey back to ancient times at Pataleshwar Cave Temple. This 9th-century rock-cut temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and showcases amazing early Rashtrakuta architecture. The whole structure was chiseled out of one big basalt stone, with stunning columns, sculptures, and a round Nandi mandapa. Even though it’s in the middle of the city bustle, this cave temple provides an atmosphere full of serenity and mystery.

10. Chaturshringi Temple

Head up to Chaturshringi Temple located on top of Pune’s hillside, devoted to Goddess Chattrushringi – an aspect of the mighty Durga herself. This temple provides both inner peace and breathtaking vistas overlooking the cityscape. During Navratri festivities, it transforms into a vibrant playground that captures everyone’s hearts. The surrounding greeneries are perfect for a tranquil stroll among nature’s serenity.

11. Parvati Hill and Temple

Climb up Parvati Hill to see one of Pune’s oldest heritage sites and known to be best places to visit in Pune while exploring hill peaks. This journey will take you through steps that lead to the beautiful temple complex where stunning views of the city await. The main temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and dates back several centuries. Additionally, this hill has a museum showcasing weapons and artifacts from the time when Pune was ruled by powerful leaders called ‘Peshwas’. This spot offers history enthusiasts, seekers of peace, and admirers of stunning city views all in one place.

12. ISKCON NVCC Temple

Find inner peace and happiness at ISKCON NVCC Temple. This beautiful modern facility is devoted to Lord Krishna, providing an atmosphere of tranquility perfect for worshipping or meditating. Its unique architecture seamlessly combines traditional elements with contemporary design. Guests can engage in spiritual song sessions (bhajans), listen to enlightening talks, and relax over a tasty meal at the temple’s eatery – all while being surrounded by serenity, making it an ideal spot for reflection or unwinding.

13. Saras Baug

Relax in Saras Baug’s lush greenery. This beloved park surrounds a Ganesh temple and provides a peaceful retreat from city chaos. With its well-tended grass, vibrant flower beds, and calm lake, it offers an idyllic scene for morning strolls or family picnics, prominent  as one of best places to visit in Pune, well known for providing  relaxation amidst nature’s beauty. The garden is at its best during the monsoon season.

14. Peshwe Udyan Zoo

Explore Peshwe Udyan Zoo – also known as Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park,  well known in  best places to visit in Pune,  where you can find an array of animals, birds, reptiles, and exotic species in their natural habitat. This zoo is important for both conservation efforts and educational purposes. Plus, the nearby Katraj Lake enhances its picturesque beauty, making it a perfect spot for family outings or for nature lovers to enjoy wildlife up close.

15. Bund Garden

Take a leisurely walk by the Mula-Mutha River at Bund Garden, an ancient park that dates back to British times. Featuring lush grassy areas and tree-lined paths, it’s perfect for finding some peace. The eye-catching Fitzgerald Bridge only adds more appeal. This place is a go-to destination in the morning for walkers and joggers alike. In the evenings you can find families and couples enjoying each other’s company amidst tranquil surroundings at this garden.

16. Osho Teerth Park

Experience serenity at Osho Teerth Park, a beautiful ecological haven nestled in Koregaon Park. Originally barren land has been magically transformed into a verdant oasis with winding streams, tranquil bamboo groves, and contemplative spaces for meditation. The park is renowned not only for its stunning landscaping but also for the smart implementation of water conservation methods. It’s an idyllic spot to indulge in peaceful meditations or nature walks, just taking a deep breath can offer immense inner peace due to the soothing environment that surrounds it here.

17. Empress Garden

Discover the botanical delights of Empress Garden in Pune – one of India’s oldest and largest parks. Covering acres upon acres with an incredible array of plants, trees, and blossoms that change throughout the year, this lush retreat offers something for everyone. The park holds a renowned annual flower show attracting nature lovers from around the world as well as horticulturists who are keen to explore its beauty. With walking trails leading through natural landscapes, picnic spots under shady trees providing peaceful family-time spaces and an interactive play area specifically designed for children, it makes this park a perfect outing destination not just for nature enthusiasts but also for those looking forward to bonding with their families amidst the greenery.

18. Pune Okayama Friendship Garden

Discover the peacefulness of Japan at the Pune Okayama Friendship Garden. Drawing inspiration from Korakuen Garden in Okayama, Japan, this carefully crafted haven includes tranquil features like rock gardens, miniature trees (bonsai), and a soothing pond. Cherry blossom trees bring enchantment when they bloom, while the area offers wonderful opportunities for photography or reflection amidst its peaceful surroundings that showcase Japanese garden design principles.

20. Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways

Let us pay tribute to our courageous war heroes at the National War Museum, a one-of-a-kind establishment that tells tales of bravery through its collection of battlefield artifacts like tanks, planes, and artillery guns. The memorial wall bears the names of soldiers who laid down their lives for India’s freedom. With engaging interactive displays and informative exhibits, the museum offers deep insights into our nation’s military journey while being an enlightening experience suitable for all ages – adults as well as children.

21. Mahatma Phule Museum

Experience the joy at Joshi’s Miniature Railway Museum. This one-of-a-kind museum brings to life B.S. Joshi’s meticulously crafted model railway systems, showcasing various settings and landscapes. Captivate your senses with detailed miniatures in motion, working signals, and intriguing scenes that enchant people of all ages – a heartwarming journey for train lovers and an exhilarating adventure for kids.

22. Tribal Museum

Explore Pune’s rich cultural heritage at the Mahatma Phule Museum. Located in an eye-catching black stone structure, this place displays various items from different times such as industrial products, and agricultural tools along with artifacts that give a glimpse into local history and culture through time eras. The anthropology section sheds light on tribal cultures while the museum was named after Mahatma Jyotirao Phule – an eminent social reformer. It’s like discovering Pune’s living legacy all in one place.

Discover the diverse cultural heritage of Maharashtra at the Tribal Museum. This one-of-a-kind place tells the stories, artworks, craftsmanship, clothing styles, musical instruments, and everyday objects belonging to different tribes. The museum works hard to save and spread awareness about tribal culture – an eye-opening adventure for anyone passionate about anthropology or native communities.

Treat yourself to some retail therapy at Phoenix Marketcity in Pune – one of the city’s biggest shopping destinations, with a huge influx of visitors all round the year making it one of the best places to visit in Pune. This huge mall is home to an amazing variety of both national and international brands offering everything from fashion to electronics. It’s not just a place for shopping though, there are multiplexes, food courts, and entertainment zones too making it more than your usual mall experience. Adding the cherry on top, this Mall frequently hosts events, exhibitions and live performances that transform its ambiance into an all-encompassed Entertainment Hub.

24. Amanora Mall

Step into Amanora Mall to enjoy contemporary shopping and excitement. This huge mall boasts an extensive array of retailers – from high-end labels to hometown favorites. You can catch the latest flicks at its state-of-the-art cinema, indulge in diverse culinary treats at a lively food court, or keep the kids entertained with numerous amusement zones designed for all age groups. Known for its spacious layout and endless options, Amanora Mall is an attractive spot for both shoppers and families seeking fun days out.

25. MG Road

Take a walk along Pune’s famous MG Road shopping area. This busy road is filled with an interesting blend of contemporary stores as well as traditional shops. From chic fashion boutiques to bookshops and electronic retailers, you can find anything here on this lively street during the day or night when locals and tourists alike enjoy its numerous cafes, restaurants, and food vendors that create a vibrant atmosphere in the evenings.

26. Fergusson College Road

Step into Fergusson College Road, a buzzing spot filled with youthful spirit. Just next door to renowned Fergusson College lies this lively street full of action – here you can find cafes galore, bookstores abound as well as boutiques by plenty. A must-visit place for students and young working individuals alike, it’s particularly famous because of its scrumptious local delicacies like the ‘FC Road Mastani’. Immerse yourself in Pune City’s modern vibes when you hang out here.

27. Panshet Dam

Get away to the peaceful Panshet Dam, just kilometers from Pune city. This earthfill dam on the Ambi River gives stunning views of the Sahyadri mountains. The lake here is famous for boating trips and picnics in idyllic settings. For adventure seekers, you can try kayaking or camping nearby. Nature lovers and photographers will adore this spot as an ideal weekend escape.

28. Khadakwasla Dam

Spend your day at Khadakwasla Dam, loved by Pune locals as their favorite picnic spot. With its breathtaking view of hills and stunning scenery during monsoon season, it is truly delightful. Take part in boating activities on the reservoir or simply sit back and relax along its shoreline. The nearby attractions such as Peacock Bay and Sinhagad Fort enhance the charm of this place making it an ideal spot for a brief escape from urban life.

29. Lavasa

Lavasa is an upcoming hill town in the Western Ghats that follows urban planning inspired by the Italian village Portofino. This picturesque place has much to offer, from water sports on its lake, hiking along nature trails, or simply unwinding at the lively promenade with cafes and restaurants. It’s known for beautiful buildings set against a stunning backdrop making it an attractive weekend getaway destination.

30. Rajmachi Fort

Take on an exciting journey to Rajmachi Fort. This fort stands tall amidst the rugged Sahyadri mountains, offering spectacular views of its surrounding valleys. The hike is perfect whether you’re a first-time trekker or an experienced mountaineer – it takes you through lush forests and alongside babbling streams while providing stunning vistas along your journey. During the monsoon season, the landscape transforms with plenty of waterfalls to marvel at, making this spot an idyllic destination for those who love hiking, nature admirers, or photography enthusiasts looking for a picturesque backdrop.

31. Mulshi Dam

Relax and have fun at Mulshi Dam, a peaceful retreat just km away from Pune city. With its stunning surroundings of dense greenery and rolling hills, this place provides an amazing setting for both relaxation and adventure activities like boating or having picnics with your friends. Don’t forget to visit during the monsoon when it becomes even more beautiful due to the vibrant green landscape all around.

32. Lonavala and Khandala

Step away to the twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala, favored weekend retreats near Pune. These endearing towns boast mist-covered mountain sides, breathtaking vistas, and a delightful atmosphere. Discover attractions like Tiger’s Leap, Bhushi Dam, as well as the Karla Caves. Don’t miss trying Lonavala chikki (made of nuts with jaggery), an area specialty enjoyed by all visitors alike. This picturesque region is perfect for both nature enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies looking to experience something extraordinary.

33. Osho Ashram

Discover spiritual enlightenment at Osho Ashram, commonly known as OSHO International Meditation Resort – a globally renowned sanctuary that provides diverse meditation methods and personal development workshops, very well known to be one of best places to visit in Pune. Spend your days attending daily meditation sessions, basking in beautiful gardens, or unwinding by the expansive pool, all while experiencing the harmonious fusion of Eastern philosophy and Western therapy attracting visitors from far and wide.

34. Vetal Hill

Climb up Vetal Hill for some fresh air and stunning city views of Pune. Located in the heart of this bustling metropolis, it’s packed with trees making it an ideal spot for morning walkers, joggers, or nature lovers to relax among all that greenery. This forested hill is like a mini biodiversity hub filled with numerous plant species and critters. Plus, the Vetal Tekdi temple adds a spiritual element amidst its natural beauty.

35. Taljai Hills

Explore Pune’s green oasis in Taljai Hills, a very popular one of  best places to visit in Pune. This vast expanse offers relief from urban noise and chaos with its well-tended park at the summit featuring walking paths, and butterfly garden spots to soak up breathtaking city views, an excellent choice for morning workouts or tranquil nature strolls.

36. Baner-Pashan Biodiversity Park

Discover the diverse life within Baner-Pashan Biodiversity Park, where you can witness your region’s natural plants and animals up close. This city forest has nature trails for exploration, an alluring butterfly garden to admire these delicate creatures, as well as a dedicated area displaying medicinal herbs from the neighborhood. It serves as not only a sanctuary but also inspiration for birdwatchers seeking their next feathery sightings or photographic subjects in need of that perfect frame, this urban oasis contributes greatly towards the preservation and protection of local biodiversity while spreading important messages about our environment to all its visitors.

37. Shaniwar Wada Light and Sound Show

Come alive with history at the Shaniwar Wada Light  Sound Show. This enthralling event tells the incredible story of the Maratha Empire using sparkling lights, sound effects, and captivating narration. Nestled in a historic fort backdrop, this show offers an extraordinary way to discover Pune’s deep-rooted past while also being enjoyable for people from all age groups.

38. Balgandharva Rangmandir

Experience Pune’s vibrant cultural scene at Balgandharva Rangmandir, an iconic auditorium honoring the renowned artist Balgandharva. Known as the pulse of the city’s performing arts community, this venue consistently hosts plays, music concerts, and dance performances that showcase Marathi culture. The unique architecture coupled with its rich history make it a recognizable landmark worth visiting for anyone interested in Marathi theater or local customs.

39. Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav

Don’t miss out on attending the prestigious annual December event – Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav in Pune, India. A festival honoring famous singer Sawai Gandharva and his disciple Bhimsen Joshi, this musical extravaganza celebrates Hindustani classical music tradition. Featuring renowned musicians from all over the country, it’s a must-see cultural event that is enriching for lovers of traditional Indian art forms as well as an integral part of Pune City’s heritage and culture.

41. Katraj Snake Park

Unveil the amazing universe of reptiles at Katraj Snake Park. Connected to Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, this special area showcases a wide range of serpents as well as other creatures that crawl. Guests can observe multiple types – including cobras and vipers along with pythons too. The park is instrumental in safeguarding snakes through rescue missions while also conserving them for future generations. It’s an enlightening journey perfect to ignite interest both among young ones as well grown-ups drawn towards reptile studies, known familiarly as Herpetology.

42. Pune University (Savitribai Phule Pune University)

Take an adventure through Savitribai Phule Pune University, one of India’s top universities located on its extensive grounds. Marvel at the stunning gardens, and captivating architecture and take pleasure in your visit here. Standouts include Jaykar Library which boasts impressive design elements as well as the Department of Communication  Journalism – both architectural wonders you won’t want to miss. The campus also offers a serene environment for those seeking tranquility or wanting an opportunity to immerse themselves in an academic ambiance. In addition, there are several museums and research centers that can pique your interest as well.

43. Paragliding in Kamshet

Discover the excitement of soaring through the skies at Kamshet, an acclaimed paragliding spot close to Pune. Its perfect wind conditions combined with its picturesque surroundings make it irresistible even for nonlocals seeking adventure activities. Those new in this sport can experience flying alongside professional pilots while certified flyers have a chance of enjoying solo rides. The view from above is spectacular – the Sahyadri mountains and nearby lakes look amazingly beautiful, not to be missed by thrill seekers.

44. Hinjewadi IT Park

Experience the advanced technology of Pune in Hinjewadi IT Park, an expansive hub home to offices from numerous multinationals and startups alike. While mainly known as a business area, you can appreciate its modern architecture, taste delicious food at trendy cafes, or visit nearby malls for shopping sprees. The location reflects the rapid growth of Pune in becoming one of India’s major IT centers, drawing interest from curious onlookers about this thriving tech industry.

45. Magarpatta City

Take a trip to Magarpatta City, an innovative township showcasing impressive city design and eco-friendly progression, being known as one of the best places to visit in Pune. This all-in-one Pune neighborhood offers homes, workspaces, schools, and leisure areas for everyone’s needs. With its immaculate gardens, roomy streets, and modern amenities in place, it serves as a blueprint for future urban planning projects. Spend time shopping around the bustling markets or relish local cuisine at various restaurants – all while marveling at this city’s remarkable layout.

46. Malhar Fort

Experience a lesser-known hiking adventure at Malhar Fort in the Mulshi region. This challenging yet rewarding journey takes you through thick forests, rocky paths, and eventually to ancient fort ruins with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and Lake Mulshi. Perfect for those wanting unique trekking experiences near Pune.


This complete guide takes a broad look at everything exciting and the best places to visit in Pune. You’ll find historic landmarks mingled with nature wonders and cutting-edge urban spots. From cultural explorations to thrilling adventures, there is something for every traveler in this vibrant destination – just remember that you might need to check visiting hours or entry requirements. So go on now and embark upon your journey through the heart of Pune’s many treasures.

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