Ashram in Haridwar 2024: Spiritual Awakening and Tranquility

Ashram in Haridwar

Haridwar is India’s holy city famous for its numerous Ashrams spread across serene surroundings by the Ganges River and Himalayan foothills. These places provide tranquil retreats with ancient Indian wisdom learning opportunities that cater to diverse traditions, teachings, and spiritual practices including modern amenities too. This blog discusses the best Ashram in Haridwar, highlighting their histories and offering experiences for pilgrims seeking peace or enlightenment.

1. Jai Ram Ashram

Shri Jairam Ashram is located near the sacred Ganga river in Haridwar, India. It was founded by Shrimad Devendra Swaroop Ji Maharaj in 1972 after he bought land at Bhimgoda and began construction to honor Adiguru Brahmachari Shriramji Maharaj which took twelve years of hard work to complete.

This ashram in Haridwar now has many modern amenities like tableaux, artwork, and illuminated fountains that make it famous across the world. It provides 512 rooms to pilgrims along with free medical services including eye camps. 

Shri Devendra Swaroop Ji Maharaj also set up charitable hospitals, food granaries, and libraries in surrounding areas for the betterment of society and his disciple Brahmachari Brahmaswarup established a unique school that provides education combining traditional Vedic knowledge along with modern-day learning in the peaceful atmosphere at Rishikesh.

2. Prem Nagar Ashram

Shri Prem Nagar Ashram in Haridwar was founded by Shri Hans Ji Maharaj with expansions from Mata Ji and Satpal Ji Maharaj. This peaceful haven between Jwalapur-Kankhal has been frequented for centuries, welcoming spiritual masters and travelers alike to learn through meditation and scriptures amid purity. A place where tranquility radiates enlightenment in an environment of service and selfless actions.

3. Sri Santosh Puri Ashram

Santosh Puri Ashram is located close to Haridwar, where you can learn yoga, meditation, and more about Himalayan traditions. Founded by Baba Santosh Puri along with Narvada Mata Ji in 1978 it provides an environment for learning yogic lifestyle through courses as well karma yoga involving daily routines of the Ashram. 

This Haridwar-based Ashram is run nowadays by their children and offers Ayurveda consultations and yoga training along with accommodating guests comfortably in its premises where you can learn Hatha yoga, philosophy, etc., including traditional practices like shatkarma. This ashram located close to the Ganga river bank of Haridwar provides sanctuary for spiritual retreat and personal transformation.

4. Ma Anandamayi Ashram

The Ma Anandamayi Ashram in Haridwar is famous for being devoted to Sri Maa Anandmayee – a well-known mystic from Bengal. This ashram is known to be a peaceful place that welcomes people of all faiths worldwide, offering an atmosphere ideal for spiritual practice and peace-seeking devotees looking to connect with god or themselves spiritually, It has many facilities such as yagna shala (fireplace), a museum about Maa Anandmayi’s life and teachings, schools, etc.

Located near Haridwar city in Kankhal town, the Ashram serves not only as a place of worship but also preserves and promotes spirituality by making it accessible to all visitors seeking solace or self-discovery.

5.  Shankar Ashram

Shankar Ashram, known to be one of the best ashram in Haridwar, is a peaceful place to find spiritual solace by NH58 at Khanna Nagar Haridwar. It organizes daily activities, personalized guidance, and individual retreats and offers therapies like pranic healing, reiki, and Ayurveda massages. Located near bus stand, railway station with Jolly Grant Airport 40 km away offering single or double room accommodation with basic amenities including internet access.

6. Shanti Kunj Ashram

Shantikunj Ashram in Haridwar serves as a central hub for the Yug Nirman movement focused on rejuvenating morality through India’s cultural heritage. It offers daily religious activities, lodging options, and guided meditation sessions to guests who seek spiritual awakening experiences. 

The peaceful location boasts facilities such as temples, and sacred areas designated specifically for prayers or reflection with easy access from Haridwar station via roads, rails, or flights connecting Delhi city. Shantikunj also hosts various religious ceremonies and workshops promoting the values of ancient Indian wisdom to attain inner peace through ethical living practices.

7. Kanva Rishi Ashram

The Kanva Rishi Ashram, located near Haridwar at the Malini River’s banks in a forest setting, offers peace away from city noise for nature lovers to explore on foot through forests nearby with vehicle access 40 km away followed by a short hike before trekking.

8. Soham Ashram

Soham Ashram in Haridwar is a place where you can learn about Vedic knowledge, Sanskrit courses, yoga, and meditation classes are available as well as daily religious programs. The Gurukul at the location provides spiritual education within an environment inspired by ancient Indian traditions, it’s near Bhagirathi Nagar on Khadkhadi Road making accessibility easy from Haridwar stations or Jolly Grant Airport which is 43 km away, and also offers accommodation with basic amenities. The peaceful garden inside the ashram adds to its charm.

9. Saptrishi Ashram

Sapt Rishi Ashram  is an old spiritual place that holds great mythological importance according to Hindu beliefs. Here, seven wise men meditated after receiving the sacred streams of the River Ganges. Established over 70 years ago, it’s near Haridwar Railway Station along Ganga banks. You can find a tranquil atmosphere for meditation, yoga, and religious rituals here with well-kept facilities including accommodation and a Sanskrit school.

10. Kutchi Lal Rameshwar Ashram

Kutch Lal Rameshwar Ashram, started by Bhagavan Odhavram, is designed specifically for visitors from the region of Kutch, Gujarat India, and located about 3.8 km away along the banks of the Ganga river.

It provides a homely spiritual atmosphere with an organized schedule that includes Havans, Yagnas, and Sanskrit education through its gurukul system as well as special events dedicated to religious festivals. The Ashram not only offers accommodation in non-AC and AC rooms for your stay but also creates a familiar environment among the pilgrims amidst spiritual pursuits like meditation, ceremonies, etc., all under one roof here at Haridwar.

11. Bholagiri Ashram

Bholagiri Ashram is a calm retreat founded by Mandaleshwar Swami Bholananda Giri in 1938, located near Birla Ghat about six kilometers from Har-Ki-Pauri. This peaceful haven provides an ideal environment for spiritual practices and relaxation, making this a popular destination for choosing an ashram in Haridwar for a stay.

Easily reachable via local transport hubs or Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport (around a half hour away), the ashram hosts daily songs, prayers, and rituals between 6 AM to 10 PM each day offering visitors a spiritually enriching experience within its tranquil atmosphere.

12. Vyas Ashram

Shri Vyasa Ashram  is an old retreat named after ancient sage VedaVyas surrounded by greeneries and the Ganga River, offering peacefulness to its guests which involves daily yoga meditation sessions discussing scriptures while contributing socially via projects like educating the underprivileged. Also, they prioritize environmental conservation and sustainable living. Blending spirituality, social responsibility and culture preservation, Shri Vyasa Ashram attracts people globally seeking renewal with a Hinduism connection.

13. Shri Chetan Jyoti Ashram

Shri Chetan Jyoti Ashram in Haridwar offers cozy rooms with private bathrooms close to the bus stand and Har Ki Pauri, near Sukhi Nadi on Bhupatwala Road. Enjoy amenities like a temple, garden, air-conditioning options, parking, and security during your stay while exploring nearby spiritual sites such as Mansa Devi Temple and Bharat Mata Mandir with convenient check-in/check-out times.

14. Vasudev Ashram

The Shri Vasudev Ashram Trust Samiti was founded by Swami Vasudev Ji Maharaj in the city of Haridwar near the Ganges River. This ashram is the perfect place to meditate and one of the best ashrams in Haridwar for a stay, learn about spirituality, and experience serenity because it’s surrounded by a rich heritage atmosphere that has attracted scholars and seekers for centuries! It can be found just 3 km away from the bus stop/train station while Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun lies at a distance of 34km. Their online resources are convenient to explore and understand their journey towards enlightenment. The Ashram is under the guidance of Janani Bharmkaleen Swami Srwanand Ji Maharaj, making it an even more divine place for spiritual growth!


Haridwar’s many ashrams offer various experiences suited to different kinds of visitors, whether it be traditional Vedic teachings or meditation practice, they provide a space where people can grow spiritually. Every ashram has its unique atmosphere and story that contributes to Haridwar’s rich spiritual heritage. Visitors will find peace, wisdom from ancient India, and connection with those who came before them in these sacred places – may it continue inspiring generations of seekers.

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