Best Real Estate Companies In Mumbai [2024 Updated List]

Top Real Estate Companies In Mumbai

Mumbai is India’s financial hub and a bustling center of property development, As it keeps growing rapidly into modern urbanity, mainly driven by post pandemic desire of consumers to invest in the property market. 

As per the Mint India Investment Summit 2024, Mumbai’s real estate market thrived with increased end-user demand and a 31% year-on-year sales rise to 153,870 units in the MMR in 2023, establishing its leadership.

There are several top real estate companies that have contributed to the city’s skyline. Here in this blog we will discuss prominent real estate companies in Mumbai that have contributed to the city’s exponential growth.

Real Estate Companies In Mumbai

 1. Lodha Group

Lodha Group

Lodha Group is one of the best real estate companies in Mumbai and has projects all over places like Mumbai, Pune, London, and so on. They specialize in creating both homes and commercial spaces that are luxurious while also being affordable at the same time.

Some cool projects they’ve completed include Lodha Altamount – a fancy residential area located off of  Altamount Road in Mumbai, Bellezza – an exclusive living space for high-class people situated right in Parel, Mumbai and The Park which is another luxury abode nestled at Worli.

2. Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties is part of the famous Indian company called Godrej Group which has many different businesses together. They have created more than 15 million square feet of homes and offices that are focused on being eco-friendly and good quality.

Some popular projects they made include a fancy building for people to live in named GodreJ Emerald, located near Mumbai’s Thane area; another project called ‘Godrej The Trees’, which is also meant as a home but it’s premium or nice one found inside the city of Vikhroli part of Mumbai. They even have an office building named  Godrej BKC, a commercial project in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex.

3. Oberoi Realty

Oberoi Realty

Oberoi Realty is a prominent player, making it one of the best real estate companies in Mumbai that specializes in creating upscale homes and buildings for both residential use as well as business purposes. With more than 10 million square feet completed, their focus lies on luxury living spaces that are high-quality. 

Some prominent projects they’ve done include Oberoi Exquisite – a lavish home project located within the bustling Goregaon area in Mumbai and Oberoi Sky City which is an exclusive residential property situated at Borivali also known for its prime location, as well as  Oberoi Commerz – a commercial space based out of Andheri.

4. K Raheja Corp

K Raheja Corp

K Raheja Corp is an innovative real estate company that started its journey back in 1956 and has been making waves in the city of Mumbai ever since. Over time they have developed more than twenty million square feet worth of residential as well as commercial spaces, consistently focusing on quality workmanship while incorporating fresh ideas into their projects, this contribution to cities realty sector made them one of the top real estate companies in Mumbai.

Some notable examples include Raheja Exotica – a luxury living venture located at Madh Island in the city; Viva – an upscale housing project situated within Mumbai’s Thane area and Raheja Towers, which is not just any ordinary commercial space but stands tall amidst Bandra Kurla Complex.

5. Kalpataru Group

Kalpataru Group

Kalpataru Group is another popular entry in the list of real estate companies in Mumbai based out of Mumbai since 1969 and has been around for quite some time now. They have built over fifteen million square feet of area combining residential as well as commercial spaces, keeping a close eye on creativity with sustainability in mind every step of the way.

Some standout projects under their belt include Kalpataru Radiance – an upscale housing project located at Goregaon and immensely popular among Mumbai residents, Kalpataru Immensa- which is quite literally, one to remember. A premium residential space nestled in Thane part of the bustling metro city. And lastly, we have their commercial venture called Kalpataru Square located at Santacruz, a neighborhood that’s as popular as Mumbai itself.

6. Shapoorji Pallonji

Shapoorji Pallonji

Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate is well known to be one of the top 10 real estate companies in Mumbai and has been around since 1865. Over the years they have developed over 10 million square feet of residential and commercial properties focusing on quality, innovation, and attention to detail.

Some notable projects include Shapoorji Pallonji Vicinia – a luxury residence located in the Vikhroli area of Mumbai, Shapoorji Parkwest – an upscale home development situated within the Bhandup section of Mumbai, and finally their commercial project called the Shapoorji Paloliji IT park, which can be found nestled in Thane.

7. JP Infra

JP Infra

JP Infra is one of the top real estate developers in the bustling city of Mumbai with expertise in both residential and business property development projects. They are committed to creating spaces that focus on quality while keeping affordability in mind for their customers.

Some famous undertakings include JP North, a luxurious residence venture located at Mira Road, JP Decks – a premium living project situated strategically within Borivali of the city, and last but not least is the commercial hub called ‘JP Square’ built-in the Andheri area of this lively metropolis.

8. Runwal Realty

Runwal Realty

Runwal Realty is a prominent real reality market of Mumbai, putting them in the list of top 10 real estate companies in Mumbai, with an emphasis on both homes and business spaces. They have successfully constructed over 5 million square feet across various areas focusing on high-quality builds, unique ideas, and innovation as their core values.

Some of its standout projects include Runwal Bliss – a luxurious residential spot in the Kanjurmarg area within Mumbai city, Runwal Greens which is an upscale residence venture located in Mulund region and lastly, there’s the commercial project known by the name ‘Runwal Square’, established right here in Thane suburb of this bustling metropolis.

9. Rustomjee


Rustomjee is one of the top real estate developers in the bustling city of Bombay who works on both home and business building projects with an emphasis on quality and innovation. They have constructed more than 5 million square feet of living spaces, as well as commercial properties across Mumbai’s neighborhoods such as Rustomjee Seasons at the swanky BKC area in which they built a luxury housing complex, to their premium residential project called Rustomjee Crown located smack-dab on Prabhadevi. They have also ventured into commercial properties with projects like the much talked about Central Park situated in Andheri, Mumbai’s busy business district!

Tata Realty And Infrastructure Ltd (Tata Housing)

TATA Housing is well-known for its high-quality and innovative real estate developments in the bustling city of Mumbai. With projects such as their luxury Avenida residential complex located in Powai or premium New Haven residences found in Boisar, they cater to both commercial and living needs alike, From luxurious homes to modern workspaces like TATA Realty IT Park situated within Thane’s busy metropolitan area, this company ensures an exceptional experience for their customers.

11. L&T Realty

L&T Realty

L & T Realty is based in Mumbai with expertise in both residential and business property developments. They have successfully developed more than 5 million square feet of area for residences as well as commercial zones, always giving importance to high-quality standards along with being innovative.

Some standout projects include L&T Emerald Isle- an extravagant living space in Powai’s Mumbai region, and the premium residential project “L & T Crescent Bay” situated at Parel of a bustling city. Also worth mentioning is their commercial venture named ‘L& T Seawoods Grand Central’, a noteworthy structure strategically located in Navi Mumbai’s business district.

12. Hiranandani Developers

Hiranandani Developers

Hiranandani Developers is one of the best real estate companies in Mumbai that focuses on both residential and business projects. They have created over 5 million square feet of space by prioritizing quality and innovation. 

Among their notable ventures are Hiranandani Gardens, a luxurious housing project located in Powai, Mumbai; Hiranandani Estate, an upscale living area found within Thane’s borders; and the business-oriented Hiranandani Business Park situated conveniently at Powai as well.

13. Wadhwa Group

Wadhwa Group

Wadhwa Group is one of the real estate developers in Mumbai that specializes in both home and office projects with high-quality materials and innovative ideas. They have built more than 5 million square feet across residential neighborhoods, commercial spaces, and office buildings. 

Some well-known examples are Wadhwa The Address – a luxury project in the Ghatkopar area of Mumbai; Wise City – an upscale home option located near Panvel City within the metropolis; IT Park is their modern workspace designed to cater to businesses’ needs, situated at Thane district.

14. Indiabulls Real Estate

 Indiabulls Real Estate

Indiabulls Real Estate is an influential top real estate company in the bustling city of Mumbai that specializes both in building residential and business areas. They have successfully developed over 5 million square feet for various projects, prioritizing top quality and innovation throughout their workmanship.

Some notable examples include Indiabulls Blu: a luxury living space located right in the heart of Worli Mumbai, Indiabulls Greens – an exclusive residential complex situated within Panvel’s green suburbs and lastly, they are responsible for constructing IndiaBULLS IT Park-an esteemed commercial development based out Thane.

15. Ekta World

Ekta World

Ekta World is an influential real estate developer based in Mumbai that specializes in both home and office space development projects. The company has successfully built more than 5 million square feet of residential and business areas with a focus on quality, creativity, and innovation.

Some noteworthy achievements include Ekta Lake Riviera – a luxury housing project located in Powai Mumbai; Ekta Tripolis- an upscale living space venture situated at Goregaon Mumbai’s region; also they have worked extensively on the commercial front through their prime project named ‘Ekta IT Park’, which is based out of Thane, a bustling area in Mumbai.


In summary, Mumbai’s property market is flourishing due to many builders offering various residential and business projects. The best real estate companies in Mumbai listed here are well-known as frontrunners in their field because they prioritize quality, innovation, sustainability, luxury apartments, or commercial spaces based on your needs.

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