GHKKPM 12th April 2024 Written Update (Ishaan’s Brother’s Arrival Causes Havoc)

In today’s episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, tension rises between Ishaan and Savi as their different priorities clash again. Ishaan wants Savi to focus only on her studies, making her feel ignored and misunderstood. She tries to mend things with a thoughtful gift, but Ishaan’s reaction shocks her, hinting at bigger problems in their relationship.

During their argument, a sudden phone call interrupts, startling Ishaan. The news from Pratik leaves Ishaan emotional, leaving Savi puzzled and readers eager to know more. What could Pratik have said that makes Ishaan rush out, leaving Savi wondering about her husband’s sudden departure? Keep watching as the drama unfolds in this exciting episode of GHKKPM.

Recap of Previous Day

In the last episode of GHKKPM, there was tension in the house as old traditions clashed with modern ideas. Surekha wanted to follow customs, which caused a sad argument between Ashmita and her. Ashmita asked Ishaan and Savi to join in a Gudi Padwa ritual, worried about history repeating itself like when Chinmay left after a similar refusal. Despite resistance from Reeva and her family, they did the ritual, but it felt sad.

During the celebrations, Savi’s sweet gift to Ishaan caused unexpected trouble. His reaction hinted at bigger problems in their relationship, with him focusing on Savi’s studies while she wanted to keep family traditions. The tension got worse with a sudden phone call, making Ishaan upset and confusing Savi. As the episode ended, viewers wondered why Ishaan left so suddenly and what would happen next in GHKKPM.

GHKKPM Written Update for Today

Ishaan doesn’t want Savi to feel obligated to handle kitchen duties just because she’s married. He brought her home to support her career and make sure she had a good future. He wants her to focus on her studies and use her intelligence. He reminds her about his college classes and asks if she remembers. When she confirms, he teases her and leaves. Ishaan is worried about Savi’s studies and questions if she thinks she’s Santa Claus, trying to do everything for everyone. Savi thought he would be happy with her efforts.

He questions if she’s there just to celebrate festivals with him, urging her to focus on her studies instead of wasting time. He reminds her of important exams coming up and asks her to abandon his expectations and start cooking for the family. He suggests she could run the college canteen for income. He regrets that she used to be the best student but is disappointed now. Then Prateek calls with upsetting news, making Ishaan rush to meet him. Savi wonders what happened and decides to follow Ishaan to help if needed.

Savi follows Ishaan and finds him near his car. She sees him badly beaten and gets worried when he collapses on the road. She rushes to help him, but in her haste, she ends up in front of a truck. The driver stops and scolds her for running recklessly.

Savi quickly gets up and goes to check on Ishaan. Meanwhile, Ishaan stops Chinmay and offers to take him home, but Chinmay refuses and starts hitting him again. Savi rushes to Ishaan’s aid and manages to save him. Fueled by anger, she slaps Chinmay for hurting Ishaan. However, Chinmay warns her and threatens to hit her back if she slaps him again. Undeterred, Savi challenges him to a fight.

As Chinmay raises his hand to strike Savi, she grabs a coconut to defend herself. Ishaan intervenes, putting a stop to the escalating conflict. He scolds Savi for slapping his brother and insists that she has no right to interfere between siblings. Introducing Chinmay to Savi, she’s shocked to learn his identity. Chinmay angrily confronts Ishaan.

He’s not my brother, Chinmay declares. Ishaan invites Chinmay to come home with him, mentioning that Surekha is eagerly waiting. However, Chinmay threatens Ishaan, expressing his anger, and leaves in a huff. Savi and Ishaan return home, where the family notices Ishaan’s injuries. He explains to Surekha that he encountered Chinmay and attempted to bring him home, but Chinmay refused, assaulting him in the process. Worried, Surekha expresses her desire to meet Chinmay. Ishaan reveals that Chinmay is staying in a hotel and doesn’t want to return home, suggesting they ask Yashwant why. Ishaan questions Yashwant and Shikha about Chinmay, wondering if Shikha has met him before. Shikha lies and cries.

Ishaan urges Yashwant to call Chinmay, confident that he will come if summoned. Yashwant angrily throws the phone, refusing to let Chinmay return and ordering the family to steer clear of him. Surekha presses Yashwant for answers about Chinmay’s arrival, but he remains silent. Desperate to see her son, she pleads with him, expressing her maternal longing and sorrow. Yashwant acknowledges her motherly heart but accuses Chinmay of lacking any emotions towards them.

She pleads with him to stop. Chinmay heads to a tea stall, where he borrows a cigarette and starts smoking. He takes a teacup and receives a call from Yashwant, which he angrily hangs up on. Displeased with the tea, he decides to make it himself. Meanwhile, Durva and Anvi are worried about Chinmay and confide in Reeva.

Ishaan notices Chinmay and a childhood picture of theirs. Savi tends to Ishaan’s wounds, and he questions why she followed him instead of going to college. He emphasizes that he wants her to focus on her studies, not him. Despite his resistance, Savi offers him an ice pack and becomes upset when he continues scolding her. She expresses her frustration by throwing things in the room, explaining that she can’t concentrate on her studies when she sees her family in turmoil. She insists on standing by Ishaan and helping him with his issues with Chinmay.

Although he appreciates her concern, Ishaan refuses to disclose anything to her. Reeva arrives and sees Ishaan injured, prompting her to care for him. Savi becomes upset when she sees Ishaan allowing Reeva to help him. Later, it’s revealed that Ishaan and Savi will portray Ram and Sita in a Ram Navami special episode, with a shadow of Ravana looming over them.

Today’s Episode Update (Summary)

  • Ishaan expresses his concern about Savi’s focus on household work instead of studies.
  • He suggests Savi focus on her studies and not waste time on household chores.
  • Ishaan is stressed about Savi’s studies and disappointed with her current behaviour.
  • Prateek calls Ishaan with upsetting news, prompting him to leave in haste.
  • Savi follows Ishaan and finds him beaten up by Chinmay.
  • Savi intervenes and saves Ishaan from further harm.
  • Chinmay threatens both Savi and Ishaan.
  • Ishaan introduces Chinmay to Savi, revealing he is not his brother.
  • Chinmay refuses to come home with Ishaan and threatens him.
  • Ishaan returns home injured, and the family learns about Chinmay’s arrival.
  • Yashwant condemns Chinmay and refuses to let him come home.
  • Surekha expresses her desire to meet Chinmay, but Yashwant refuses.
  • Chinmay ignores Yashwant’s call and is seen smoking at a tea stall.
  • Durva and Anvi share their concerns about Chinmay with Reeva.
  • Savi cares for Ishaan’s wounds and expresses her concern for him.
  • Reeva also cares for Ishaan, causing jealousy in Savi.
  • Ishaan and Savi will be seen as Ram and Sita in the upcoming Ram Navami special episode, hinting at a possible separation due to Chinmay’s interference.

The Episode continues on 13th April 2024.

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