Jhanak 11th April 2024 Written Update (Anirudhha’s Surprise Gifts Cause Trouble)

In today’s episode of Jhanak, there are lots of surprising things happening, keeping viewers excited. Anirudhha, who’s rich, starts giving Jhanak, the maid, expensive gifts, which surprise everyone in the house. Even though the family doesn’t like it, Anirudhha keeps giving Jhanak expensive stuff, making people wonder why. As the tension grows, people find out that Anirudhha and Jhanak have a history together, adding more drama to the story.

Meanwhile, in another part of the story, things get intense between Savi, Chinmay, and Shikha in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein. Chinmay’s acting secretively, and Shikha disappears mysteriously, worrying Savi a lot. Savi gets more suspicious, especially after meeting a biker unexpectedly, which leads to more surprising events that could reveal hidden truths and change relationships.

Jhanak Written Update

Recap of Previous Day

In the last episode of Jhanak, there were a lot of strong feelings when Anirudhha started giving expensive gifts to Jhanak. This caused a big debate in the house because some family members didn’t like it. Even though they said no, Anirudhha kept giving Jhanak fancy things, making people wonder why. Jhanak didn’t take the gifts, showing she was honest and humble. But Anirudhha kept insisting, making people think there’s more to their relationship.

At the same time, in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, things got tense when Shikha disappeared suddenly, making Savi worried and suspicious. Chinmay’s secret actions made things even more complicated, making Savi and viewers anxious. Then, Savi ran into a biker unexpectedly, which made things even more intense and hinted at hidden truths coming out, making the story even more interesting.

Written Update for Today

Anirudhha wants to be part of Jhanak’s wedding celebrations. He surprises everyone by bringing fancy clothes for Jhanak. Shristi and Tanuja get angry with Anirudhha because they already bought many things for Jhanak. Anirudhha says their gifts were cheap and fake. He tells Mimi to give back Jhanak’s phone, or he’ll get her a new one.

Mimi says Jhanak already uses it, but Anirudhha says Mimi didn’t buy it. Jhanak says she won’t take back a used phone. Arshi is amazed when she sees all the gifts. She can’t believe Anirudhha bought expensive things for Jhanak, who’s just a maid. Arshi sees the Benarasi clothes and expensive jewellery.

Tanuja asks Anirudhha why he bought such expensive things. Jhanak says she didn’t ask for anything and doesn’t want it. Anirudhha insists, but Jhanak politely refuses all the gifts. Vipasha calls Jhanak a monkey and says she doesn’t deserve fancy jewellery. Aniruddha gets angry and says he doesn’t need permission to give Jhanak gifts. He doesn’t like Shristi’s mean attitude towards Jhanak.

Anirudhha asks Jhanak to wear the dresses he bought for her wedding. He didn’t buy them out of pity, but because she deserved them. Anirudhha says Jhanak should only listen to him because he brought her to the house and respects her.

The next day, the wedding blessings start. Avinash hurries to marry Jhanak, even though the Bose family promised not to delay the wedding for any small reason. Avinash lies and says he’ll go back to Kashmir because his dad is sick. He also plans to leave the city after the wedding.

Today’s Episode Update (Summary)

  • Anirudhha surprises everyone by bringing fancy clothes for Jhanak.
  • Family members, like Shristi and Tanuja, can’t believe what Anirudhha did and get upset.
  • Anirudhha talks to Mimi about giving back Jhanak’s phone and says he’ll get her a new one if she doesn’t.
  • Jhanak says no politely to all the gifts Anirudhha gave her and says she didn’t ask for them.
  • Vipasha says mean things about Jhanak, calling her a monkey, which causes a fight.
  • Anirudhha defends himself, saying he can give Jhanak gifts if he wants and doesn’t like how Shristi treats her.
  • Avinash lies about his dad being sick to hurry up his wedding to Jhanak.
  • The blessing ceremony starts, and Jhanak has to decide whether to touch Avinash’s feet or not.
  • Jhanak decides to bow her head and touch Anirudhha’s feet respectfully instead of Avinash’s.

The Episode continues on 12th April 2024.

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