Jhanak 12th April 2024 Written Update (Wedding Preparations and Unexpected Twists)

In the recent episode of Jhanak, things got tense as unexpected secrets and conflicting desires disrupted the peaceful family atmosphere. As they prepared for Anirudh and Arshi’s wedding, a problem arose, shaking up their traditional beliefs. Avinash’s sudden urge to rush the wedding due to his father’s alleged illness shocked everyone and raised doubts about his intentions.

During the ceremonies, Jhanak felt torn between different expectations and desires. Even though she didn’t agree, she found herself in a situation where she had little say in her own decisions. Anirudh’s unexpected kindness towards Jhanak, compared to Avinash’s forceful control, led to a major confrontation that could alter everyone’s future. With alliances shifting and tensions increasing, Jhanak’s destiny is uncertain, leaving readers curious about what happens next in this story.

Written Update for Today

The family talks about Anirudh and Arshi’s wedding. Tanuja invites Avinash to the wedding, and he agrees if his dad is okay. Jhanak attends the Ashirwad ritual, where Avinash sees Choton and Anjana taking care of her. He’s happy the family is showing love to Jhanak. Bipasha thinks Jhanak should marry Avinash so he can control her and stop her from being too spoiled.

Avinash believes Jhanak needs to follow his house’s rules. Shrishti thinks once Jhanak marries Avinash and settles in his house, she’ll learn to adjust. Avinash admires Shrishti’s beauty and starts to like her more. Shrishti notices Avinash’s growing interest in Jhanak and reminds him that Tejas is going to marry Jhanak.

Choton tells Jhanak she looks beautiful and wishes her a happy life. Appu causes trouble, and the family scolds her. Jhanak tries to calm Appu down. Appu tells Avinash she can’t live without Jhanak and wants her to come home every week. The family tries to quiet Appu, and Anjana manages to calm her. Arshi tells Shrishti that Anirudh is busy with work. Anirudh arrives late, and Jhanak looks at him with tears in her eyes. Avinash tells Anirudh they should move the wedding up because of his dad’s illness. Anirudh wants to talk about Jhanak’s studies.

Jhanak sits quietly during the rituals and refuses to accept the jewellery. Avinash’s aunt asks what more Jhanak wants, reminding her of her duties after marrying Avinash. Jhanak says she’s different and wants something else from her life. Anirudh wishes she would speak up for her future. Jhanak and Anirudh share a glance. Tanuja and Shrishti scold Jhanak, and Shrishti orders her to touch Avinash’s aunt’s feet, which Jhanak does. Shrishti tells Arshi to make Jhanak wear the jewellery, saying she needs to adjust to her new family. Jhanak feels sad. Anirudh asks Avinash to let Jhanak take her exams.

Avinash thinks Jhanak doesn’t need an education or a job; she just needs to manage the house. Anirudh believes Jhanak’s education will help her in the future, but Avinash disagrees. He says he has enough money to take care of his wife and doesn’t want to support her education. He puts rules on Jhanak, but Anirudh thinks she should be free to choose her path. Avinash says his family is traditional, where men and women aren’t treated equally, and women should stay at home. Anirudh is upset with Avinash’s old-fashioned ideas.

Arshi asks Anirudh why he’s pressuring Avinash, and he says he’s doing it for Jhanak’s sake because he won’t be able to see her once she’s married. Shrishti says Anirudh cares about everyone’s education and future. She disrespects the bond between Anirudh and Jhanak, saying he sees her as a sister and cares about her education. Anirudh and Jhanak are hurt by Shrishti’s mean comments. Anjana blesses Jhanak during a ritual, and Jhanak gets emotional when even Appu comes to bless her.

Appu also wishes Jhanak well. Jhanak says she doesn’t need any gifts because Appu is a gift herself. Anirudh is happy to see Jhanak and Appu’s close bond. Shrishti tells Tanuja she wants to give Jhanak a gift and presents her with a diamond necklace. She asks Arshi to put it on Jhanak and talks down to her. Jhanak stays quiet. Anirudh feels sad but doesn’t say anything. Choton asks Anirudh if he’s upset, but he denies it. Jhanak takes part in the Haldi ceremony, and Appu accidentally spills Haldi on Anirudh, which is then applied to Jhanak too.

Today’s Episode Update (Summary)

  • The family talks about Anirudh and Arshi’s wedding plans.
  • Tanuja invites Avinash to the wedding, but only if his father is well.
  • Jhanak takes part in a blessing ceremony, and Avinash notices Choton and Anjana caring for her.
  • Bipasha thinks Jhanak needs to find love to keep her under control.
  • Avinash says Jhanak must follow his family’s rules after marriage.
  • Shrishti thinks Jhanak will adjust to her new family after marriage.
  • Anirudh arrives late and talks about moving the wedding up due to Avinash’s father’s illness.
  • Avinash’s aunt talks about Jhanak’s future duties after marriage.
  • Anirudh supports Jhanak’s education, but Avinash disagrees, sticking to traditional gender roles.
  • Shrishti undermines Jhanak’s bond with Anirudh, causing tension.
  • Appu emotionally blesses Jhanak, showing her attachment.
  • Shrishti gives Jhanak a diamond necklace, emphasizing her status in the family.
  • Anirudh quietly watches everything, feeling conflicted.
  • During the Haldi ceremony, there’s a mishap where Anirudh gets Haldi spilt on him, followed by Jhanak.

The Episode continues on 13th April 2024.

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