Jhanak 13th April 2024 Written Update (Jhanak’s Engagement Reveals Secret Feelings)

In the latest episode of Jhanak, emotions are intense as Jhanak’s engagement ceremony unfolds. But beneath the happy atmosphere, there’s trouble brewing. Anirudh seems unsure about giving his blessing to Jhanak, causing tension among the guests. Even though there are big gestures and lots of love on display, Jhanak’s reaction to Avinash’s presence makes people wonder.

The real shocker comes when Anirudh’s inner struggle becomes apparent, hinting at a possible love triangle that could mess up Jhanak’s plans. As Anirudh deals with his feelings and Choton urges him to face them, things are set for a dramatic revelation that could change everything. Will Anirudh speak up about his feelings, or will Jhanak’s engagement go ahead as planned, leaving everyone with unanswered questions?


Jhanak Written Update for Today

At Jhanak’s engagement party, her friends Shrishti and Tanuja give her fancy jewelry, and Choton gifts her a watch for good luck. Jhanak is moved to tears by their love and generosity. But when Choton asks Anirudh to bless Jhanak, he hesitates, so Shrishti suggests Avinash go first. This makes Jhanak upset. During the ceremony, she’s asked to touch her fiancé’s feet, but she avoids looking at him and just greets him with folded hands.

A touching moment filled with emotions happens.

When Jhanak receives the special flowers from Anirudh, she feels deeply touched by his love. She humbly touches his feet and bows down, overwhelmed with emotion. Anirudh is also moved to tears. Choton, Bablu, Anjana, Appu, and Dadu are all affected by Jhanak’s feelings and start crying too. Anirudh gently places his hands on Jhanak’s head, causing her to cry even more. Appu understands Jhanak’s pain and begs her to cancel the wedding. She also asks Anirudh to stop it. Anirudh is also in distress. Later, during Jhanak’s haldi ceremony, Anirudh feels a lot of pain, but he’s not sure why. Choton notices and asks if something is wrong.

Anirudh struggles with his feelings, while Choton understands what’s going on inside him.

Anirudh expresses concern for Jhanak’s safety, fearing that Tejas might harm her. However, Choton thinks there’s more to it. He believes Anirudh might have feelings for Jhanak but is scared to admit them. Choton asks if Anirudh feels bad inside, but Anirudh denies it. He claims to be happy for Jhanak and wants her to move forward in life. As the haldi ceremony begins, Choton encourages Anirudh to join, but he refuses, still struggling with his inner conflict. Choton understands Anirudh’s dilemma and hopes he realizes his true feelings for Jhanak and takes action to stop the wedding. At Choton’s insistence, Anirudh agrees to attend the Haldi celebration.

Jhanak today episode update

Mixed Feelings and Unsure Thoughts

As Arshi, Bipasha, Mimi, and Rumi start dancing and having fun, Appu finds it hard to join in. She’s troubled by the thought of Jhanak leaving the next day, which makes it tough for her to keep her emotions in check. Appu asks Arshi if she’ll be happy once Jhanak is gone. This upsets Arshi, and she scolds Appu for her question, surprising Anirudh. Meanwhile, Jhanak enters Anirudh’s room and asks for his blessings, touching his feet respectfully. Anirudh looks at her, feeling emotional. Just then, Arshi interrupts and shares that Jhanak might have to leave the city by nightfall.

Today’s Episode Update (Summary)

  • At Jhanak’s engagement, Shrishti, Tanuja, and Choton give her fancy gifts, making her feel thankful and teary-eyed.
  • Anirudh feels unsure about blessing Jhanak, causing tension. But after Shrishti suggests Avinash bless her first, Anirudh eventually gives his blessing.
  • Jhanak gets emotional when Anirudh blesses her, showing how close they are.
  • Appu tells Jhanak to cancel the wedding because she senses Jhanak’s distress. Anirudh also seems worried.
  • During the haldi ceremony, Anirudh worries about Jhanak’s safety and thinks Tejas might cause trouble.
  • Choton thinks Anirudh likes Jhanak, but Anirudh denies it, saying he just wants her to be happy.
  • Despite feeling upset inside, Anirudh goes to the Haldi celebration when Choton asks him to.
  • Appu struggles with the idea of Jhanak leaving and wonders if everyone will truly be happy without her.
  • Arshi’s strong reaction to Appu surprises Anirudh.
  • Jhanak asks for Anirudh’s blessings and touches his feet, which makes him emotional.
  • Arshi tells Jhanak she might have to leave the city by night, adding urgency to the situation.

The Episode continues on 13th April 2024.

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