Queen Of Tears Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: The highly-anticipated romantic comedy series “Queen of Tears” has left viewers on the edge of their seats with its latest episode. Directed by the talented duo of Jang Young-woo and Kim Hee-won, and written by the renowned Park Ji-eun, the writer behind hit dramas like “Crash Landing On You” and “My Love From the Stars,” Episode 12 of Queen of Tears delivered a heart-wrenching finale filled with unexpected twists and turns.

When Hae-in’s family learns about her illness in the most recent 12th episode, they are devastated. Hae-in’s sickness made her closer to all of her family members since they accepted her for who she was. In contrast, Eun-sung feels humiliated by Hae-in’s departure from him during the conference.

Eun-sung and Sol-hee are in dire need of the Chairman’s secret fund, which Hyun-woo assists Hae-in and her family in finding. On their journey back from the storage unit, Hae-in confuses Eun-sung for Hyun-woo after failing to acknowledge him. When another motorist stops them, she gets in the car with him. To her confusion, Hyun-woo suddenly appears in front of them.

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Recap

We are taken back in time to the scene where Eun-sung first appears to Hae-in in this episode. This time, we get to see Eun-sung’s perspective and how much he enjoys her companionship despite people mistaking him for Hyun-woo. She orders Eun-sung to unlock the door as the actual Hyun-woo jolts her back to reality, but who informs her how she will tell Hyun-woo about her problem?

After exiting the vehicle, she informs Hyun-woo that she would like to accompany Eun-sung back to her grandfather’s house so they may have a meeting. Uneasy about the circumstances, he is forced to accept her choice. When Da-hye’s son’s father visits her, he accuses her of using Soo-cheol as a scapegoat. She attempts to talk him out of it out of concern for him, but he is uninterested in her arguments.

In his car, however, Hyun-woo sustains injuries. In addition to placing a coal briquette in his car, the broker also maintains a poisoned needle next to his neck. Concisely explaining that the broker will pursue attempted murder rather than fraud since he will be holding Eun-sung accountable, Hyun-woo says.

After giving it some thought, the broker phones Eun-sung and demands the agreed sum while feigning to have carried out the transaction. He is informed by Eun-sung that sending the money now would be too dangerous and that she will pay it later. Hyun-woo then drives off while removing his bindings.

Eun-sung prepares a beautiful table lousy with flowers for Hae-in and brings her favourite food as well as wine. Hae-in goes to her room, changes clothes and meets him in the dining room. She remains cold with him, making him feel agitated.

He shows her the necklace that he keeps on his neck and tells her that he saved her when they were children. She misunderstands him and asks if he saved her when she was drowning. Taking the credit, he tells her that he is destined to love her since they were young. 

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When she later sees her grandfather, she sobs because he does not recognise her. With a sorrowful expression on her face, she gives him back the pen that he gave her when she became CEO and advises him to write down every memory. Sol-hee confronts Eun-sung outside for bringing her to the house, but her argument is ignored.

Though Hae-in leaves the house, she can’t recall how she did it. As Hyun-woo passes in front of her at that moment, she believes it to be a delusion once more. By holding her face and speaking, he helps her realise that he is in front of her and real. After furiously calling the broker for deviating from the plan, Eun-sung sees the entire incident play out on CCTV.

When Hae-in and Hyun-woo get to his flat, they have amusing yet romantic moments together while he cooks for her openly. She even says she will marry him no matter how many times she is reincarnated. He sips water discreetly and blushes at her words, which make him feel warm.

Feeling misled by Hae-in, Eun-sung tears up the beautifully decorated table. When his mother enters, she tells him that although he may have felt abandoned, she always watched out for him and destroyed all who would have harmed him, including the director of the orphanage and his foster parents in the US. Eun-sung, taken aback by her words, turns to face Sol-hee, who confesses that she intends to abandon him and live comfortably, even if it means being branded as the world’s worst person.

Hyun-woo and Hae-in maintain their cutesy behaviour the following day as he tucks her into bed with him on the couch and they have a lovely moment together. Grace Goh meets at Sol-hee and Eun-sung’s house, where she betrays Hyun-woo. She shockingly informs the mother and son that he believes the hidden fund is within the house.

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At a picturesque location, Hyun-woo tells Hae-in that anybody who pops the question here has had a happy marriage. He offers her a ring and says he wants her to rescind the divorce even if he is unable to marry her again. She gives him a tender glance while briefly experiencing euphoria, then snaps out of it by declining his proposal.

She informs him about the severity of her current circumstances and expresses her desire for him to be absent from her hardest moments. Hyun-woo cries as she sits in the car sobbing and taking in the beautiful scenery. Another startling reality revealed to viewers is that the Chairman has been feigning to be fooling Sol-hee instead of taking any medication.

It is during their family get-together that the possibility that the Chairman’s hidden fund is kept in the panic room is raised. They are worried that Eun-sung and Sol-hee may discover the room before them, even though only the Chairman knows where it is. A rear door with a button that only the Chairman would know is one of the lift’s unique features, as Hyun-woo points out.

After escaping that guy, Da-hye and Geon-u show up in front of Soo-cheol during the night. His mother is against them right away when he runs to embrace them, forgetting everything. Da-hye returns the statue and makes good on her pledge to refund all the money she took. Even if his mother disagrees, Soo-cheol stands up for them and leads them to his room.

Soo-cheol is forewarned by Da-hye about the man’s unfounded accusations and informed that she will be accompanying Geon-u. They are abruptly stopped by Soo-cheol, who is furious, and Da-hye sobs uncontrollably in his arms. The family appears to be together once more. After entering Hyun-woo’s room in the morning, Hae-in puts the ring on. At that moment, Hyun-woo moves and covers her hand.

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Refusing to put any pressure on her, he takes the box and tells her he will return the ring. She shocks Hyun-woo by placing the ring back in the box, embarrassed at what she did. She lies to herself and ducks from the room. He says he won’t be giving the ring back, enjoying her response.

The family chooses to locate the emergency room. Telling them that he spoke with the Chairman’s physician and learned that he is not receiving the right care, Hyun-woo permits them to visit him because they are his family.

The Chairman hides the medicine like clockwork when Sol-hee discovers him and reveals her true self. If he informs her where the money is held, she says he can return to his kids. Later, when he wakes up by himself in bed, he decides to end his life after taking the pen that Hae-in left behind. He leaps from the staircase.

The Hong family notices an ambulance and decides to visit him the following day. Beom-ja and Hae-in’s father sob upon seeing the Chairman’s deceased body. To no avail, Soo-cheol tries to wake him up.

At the house, Hyun-woo prepares to fight Sol-hee tooth and nail, but she allows them in. The family has gathered for his funeral. Hyun-woo discovers the concealed button in the handle of the Chairman’s lift after they enter it. Upon pressing it, a room is revealed and they are ushered inside.

A child who was drowning in the sea is saved by Hyun-woo, according to an epilogue that the mothers of Hyun-woo and Hae-in see when they flip through Hyun-woo’s album. While she stares at her brother’s lifeless body in the flashback, a young Hae-in is saved by a young Hyun-woo, but she is too traumatised to recall him.

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Ending Explained

Every Queen of Tears episode has a lot going on, but episode 12 was particularly lengthy at one hour and thirty minutes. The show’s creators seem to be enjoying it enough for them to not cut the runtime or alter the material, even though the episodes are lengthy.

It appears that everything truly significant has finally happened in episode 12, even if episodes 9 through 11 were filler episodes.

Why Does Hae-In Go With Eun-Sung?

Hyun-Woo pursued Hae-In and Eun-Sung in episode 11, believing the latter to be Hyun-Woo. Eun-Sung now informs Hae-In that if she agrees to accompany him, he will take her to see her grandfather when the automobile stops. For now, she agrees with Eun-Sung’s suggestion because Hyun-Woo would be devastated to find that Hae-In wasn’t even able to identify him.

But before they left, Hae-In informed Hyun-Woo that the money they were searching for might have been safely hidden in their home rather than at the storage facility they had just visited. Geon-U’s biological father is the one who pays Da-Hye a visit in the interim while he is in the US.

In addition to physically abusing her, he also threatens Geon-U and claims to Da-Hye that he had set up Soo-Cheol for failure in Korea before travelling to the US. When he’s drunk and unconscious in the middle of the night, Da-Hye makes her getaway with Geon-U and the gold statue she was supposed to sell to raise enough cash for the two of them to survive in the US.

In his own car, Hyun-Woo wakes up bruised. The broker was assigned the task of killing him, but Hyun-Woo, being a true all-arounder, is well-equipped to handle this situation as well. Despite the broker’s intention to kill him, Hyun-Woo uses his lawyerly words to get away, leaving Eun-Sung a laughingstock.

After hearing what Hyun-Woo has to say, the broker tells Eun-Sung that he has killed the victim and that he needs the money transmitted to him right away. He is dismissed by Eun-Sung, who says he shouldn’t call him right now because it would take some time. This demonstrates that Hyun-Woo was correct about Eun-Sung and that the broker erred in believing him.

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Before taking Hae-In to see her grandfather, Eun-Sung, acting in the manner of an incel stalker, makes her eat with him after she has transformed. Hae-In is obliged, but she refuses to eat even though the housekeepers have prepared a spread of her favourite dishes and drinks. When they are older, Eun-Sung at last admits to Hae-In that he saved her life and has retained her necklace ever since.

She believes he was the one who saved her from drowning until he tells her that they knew one other before that. Though technically a little bit longer, we find out in the epilogue that Hyun-Woo saved her from drowning, thus they’ve known each other for at least as long as Eun-Sung and her. Eun-Sung believes that by telling her that they are meant to be together, he can make her fall in love (as if this is some K-drama…just a joke).

Hae-In’s grandfather asks her to offer him some food when they first meet, believing her to be a housekeeper. Hae-In is heartbroken to learn of her grandfather’s illness, but she also leaves a pen he gave her that has a recording device within. Meanwhile, Seul-Hee scolds Eun-Sung for being stupid after realising he brought Hae-In home. Before things get out of hand, Hae-In leaves the room. Eun-Sung wants to do the same, but Seul-Hee stops him, claiming that Hae-In has been manipulating him all his life.

When Hyun-Woo arrives to save the day, Hae-In initially fears it’s Eun-Sung because she’s already managed to throw them off once. When Hyun-Woo says certain things that only he would, she is persuaded that it is him. Eun-Sung examines security footage to determine what transpired.

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Hae-In is taken by Hyun-Woo to his new Seoul residence, which is the place he has been residing since the divorce. Meanwhile, distraught Eun-Sung is informed by Seul-Hee that it’s not a coincidence that the people who mistreated them just died inexplicably. She was never a negligent mother because she did it all on her own.

Once again, Grace reveals her true self, and the cunning fox seeks the easiest way to profit by betraying Hyun-Woo. This time, Seul-Hee discovers that Hyun-Woo entered covertly with Grace’s assistance. Grace informs Seul-Hee that the money is somewhere in the house in exchange for a 7% stake, which is 2% more than Hyun-Woo had originally proposed.

Why Does Hae-In Not Accept The Ring?

Hae-In is taken by Hyun-Woo to a location that supposedly fulfils romantic wishes in order to witness a stunning sunset. This means that everyone who declares their love there will experience success in their relationship. Following a few tender moments of passion, Hyun-Woo asks Hae-In to renounce their divorce and offers her a ring. She informs him that because of what transpired with Eun-Sung earlier, she is unable to accept it.

She acknowledges that she saw him in Eun-Sung as an illusion to Hyun-Woo. As the chairman hasn’t been taking his prescribed medicine at home, it’s possible that he has been acting fake all along and that he is back to his previous self. While this is going on, Hyun-Woo finds out that the chairman hasn’t scheduled any more hospital appointments, so the family prepares to break into the house with the police. They can essentially demonstrate Seul-Hee’s carelessness.

Da-Hye apologises to the family for whatever she did when she got to Yongdu-ri, which only serves to heighten the shock. Naturally, Soo-Cheol’s mother disapproves, yet he both protects and stands up for his family. Da-Hye attempts to pretend that all she’s there to do when they’re alone is give the money back to Soo-Cheol’s family, but she’s insanely in love with him since they end up crying in each other’s arms.

The following day, Hae-In puts on the ring only out of curiosity, but Hyun-Woo stops her. When he notices that she genuinely wants to wear it and is making excuses to try it on, he informs her that he is going to sell it but changes his mind. Eun-Sung heard Soo-Cheol and Hae-In mention a panic room, so he tried to find out where the money is in the house. It is ineffective.

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At the conclusion of Queen of Tears episode 12, Seul-Hee discovers the chairman concealing his prescription drug. She promises to allow him to spend time with his family as long as he just informs her where the money is. But he informs her that she has essentially put him in a cage inside his own home.

The chairman chooses to end his life by wheeling his wheelchair up some steep steps in the house because he is tired of what is happening to him and his family and realises that the person who was meant to love him only wants his money. When the family arrives the following morning, they discover that Hong Mang-Dae has passed away and witness an ambulance. It was not necessary to murder the elderly man!

Following the stately funeral of a kind man, the family returns the chairman’s portrait to the home. The assets of Hong Man-Dae will now be distributed in accordance with his will, as per the law. This must have been a part of his brilliant scheme to ensure that Seul-Hee receives nothing.

Seul-Hee instructs the family to show the elderly guy around the house one more time. Given that there are still four episodes left, it appears that she has some more tricks up her sleeve. In any case, Hyun-Woo has discovered a secret backdoor in the lift, and the family uses it to enter as the programme comes to a conclusion. Now that they know, they can find the money.

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Review

Cliffhangers are undoubtedly a hallmark of Queen of Tears because—wait—what an ending! Did they find the room in time, or did Eun-sung discover it before they could obtain the money, now that they had located it? The fact that Beom-ja was never able to reconcile with her father before he left is especially heartbreaking. She would never get to talk to him again, and she was the one most impacted by the whole affair.

Particularly as she grows closer to Hyun-woo and his family, Hae-in’s condition continues to deteriorate. It seems sense that she is afraid because she appeared to be spiralling right after receiving them. Through her expressions and gestures, Kim Ji-won has masterfully conveyed Hae-in’s feelings. The entire story, Kim Soo-hyun keeps showcasing his incredible acting abilities!

The choice of Park Sung-hoon as Eun-sung was unquestionably appropriate, as the sequence in which Sol-hee informs him that she has always watched out for him makes the audience feel sorry for him. We feel as though we are there with him as he experiences shock and realisation.

In conclusion, Episode 12 of “Queen of Tears” is a tour de force, delivering a potent blend of emotion, suspense, and stellar performances. With only four episodes remaining, “Queen of Tears” promises to deliver a captivating conclusion that will leave audiences breathless. Fans eagerly await the remaining episodes, hoping for a satisfying and emotionally resonant conclusion to this captivating tale.

Queen of Tears‘ is streaming on Netflix.

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