Ripley Review: Andrew Scott and Dakota Fanning is Damn Riveting

The new show Ripley, based on the book The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith, has got everyone excited. It is full of suspense, mystery, and great camera work. Andrew Scott plays Ripley, and he is amazing. The show offers a fresh take on the character, making him even more interesting. It is made by Steven Zaillian, who is known for his great movies like Schindler’s List. Ripley promises to be a thrilling and immersive experience.

The story takes place in Italy in 1961. It follows Tom Ripley, who is clever but not always good. He gets caught up in lies and even murder. The show looks amazing, with beautiful black-and-white scenes created by Robert Elswit. It is a gripping story with a fantastic cast.

Ripley: How is this Netflix new show?

Ripley is a new show that many people were excited about. It is a mix of good and not-so-good things. Andrew Scott, who plays Ripley, does a great job. The director, Steven Zaillian, and the cameraman, Robert Elswit, make the show look amazing, especially with scenes in Italy in 1961.

But, the show has its problems. Some parts are slow, and some episodes feel too long. Even though Andrew Scott is good, the character Ripley doesn’t feel as interesting as in other versions of the story. People watching might wish the show explored Ripley’s character more deeply.

Ripley: Storylines

Ripley is a show set in Italy in 1961. It is about Tom Ripley, played by Andrew Scott. He is a tricky guy who gets mixed up in lies and even murder. The story follows him from being a small-time thief in New York City to getting involved with a rich guy named Dickie Greenleaf, played by Johnny Flynn. It is full of suspense and makes you think about what is right and wrong.

The show looks cool, shot in black and white by Robert Elswit. It tries hard to understand Ripley’s character and why he does what he does. But sometimes, the story goes too slow or doesn’t explain things well. Still, Ripley is interesting because it makes you think about human behaviour and why people do bad things.

Ripley: Direction and Writing

Ripley: Review of Direction and Writing

The show Ripley is directed by Steven Zaillian, who is good at making movies. He tells the story of Tom Ripley in a very interesting way, showing us his thoughts and feelings. The direction is great, with suspense and beautiful scenes that keep us hooked.

But, sometimes the writing doesn’t fully explain why the characters do what they do. Some parts of the story feel rushed or not very well developed, which makes some characters seem simple. Despite this, Ripley is still a fascinating show that makes us think about right and wrong and why people do bad things.

Ripley: Cast Performance

In the show Ripley, Andrew Scott plays the main character, Tom Ripley, really well. He makes Ripley seem complicated and interesting, drawing us into the story. Other actors like Johnny Flynn, Dakota Fanning, and Maurizio Lombardi also do a good job.

But, sometimes it feels like some actors don’t get enough chance to show how good they are. Characters like Dickie Greenleaf and Marge Sherwood might not get as much attention as Ripley. However, some supporting actors like Maurizio Lombardi, who plays Inspector Ravini, add depth to the story.

Overall, the actors in Ripley do a great job, making the characters from the book believably come to life.

Will there be any season 2 of Ripley?

After the first season of Ripley aired on Netflix, viewers are curious about whether there will be more. Tom Ripley, the main character, is famous for his cleverness and trickery from the book The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. Andrew Scott’s portrayal in the Netflix series gives a new take on this character, making people excited to see what happens next.

Patricia Highsmith wrote five books about Ripley, so there is plenty of material for more seasons. Even though the show was originally planned for Showtime, now it is on Netflix, which might change things. But if the show does well on Netflix, there is a good chance for more seasons, maybe even covering the other Ripley books. With Andrew Scott’s great acting and lots of stories to tell, viewers can look forward to more adventures with Tom Ripley.



Is Ripley based on a true story?
No, Ripley is a fictional series based on Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley novels, known for their gripping tales of deception and psychological intrigue.

Who plays the lead role in Ripley?
Andrew Scott portrays Tom Ripley, the enigmatic and manipulative protagonist at the centre of the series, bringing depth and complexity to the character.

How many seasons of Ripley are planned?
As of now, only the first season of Ripley has been released on Netflix. The possibility of future seasons may depend on the show’s reception and viewer demand.

What makes Ripley stand out from other thrillers?
The series offers a unique blend of atmospheric cinematography, compelling storytelling, and nuanced performances, creating a captivating viewing experience that sets it apart from other thrillers.

Where can I watch Ripley?
Ripley is available for streaming exclusively on Netflix, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the dark and twisted world of Tom Ripley at their convenience.

Final Words

In summary, Ripley is an interesting show that explores tricky moral questions and the mysteries of the mind. Directed by Steven Zaillian and starring Andrew Scott as Tom Ripley, it takes you on a visually impressive journey into Ripley’s world. Although the show looks great and the actors are good, some parts of the story feel rushed or not well explained.

However, if you like deep stories and cool camera work, Ripley is still worth watching. It is especially good if you enjoy thrillers and dramas with complex characters. viewers of Patricia Highsmith’s books and other Ripley adaptations might like this version too. Despite its flaws, Ripley gives you a lot to think about and is a solid choice for viewers of psychological thrillers.

If you like psychological thrillers and books turned into shows, you’ll love Ripley.

Ripley streaming on Netflix now.

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