Top 10 Smart Cities in India [2024 New Updated List]

Top 10 Smart Cities in India

The smart cities in India are growing and changing. They use technology to make life better for people who live there, while also helping with sustainable development. Here in this blog we show the 10 best smart cities in India and their impressive facts.

Smart Cities Mission:

The Smart Cities Mission started on June 25, 2015. Its main purpose is to encourage cities to give basic infrastructure, a clean and sustainable environment, and a good quality of life to their residents via smart solutions. The mission wishes for the enhancement of city functionalities, effective utilization of scarce resources, and betterment in citizen’s living conditions by concentrating on improving safety and security aspects, making municipal services more efficient as well as promoting sustainable development efforts.

Top 10 Smart Cities in India 

1. Bhubaneshwar, Odisha:

Bhubaneshwar continues its ranking in one Top 10 smart cities in India that is socially focused, giving importance to the improvement of the social environment and development based on areas. The management of traffic is smooth, and functional parks create an easy-going and family-orientated feel.

Being home to educational establishments as well as Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Bhubaneshwar contributes to fast urbanization which adds attractiveness for investment purposes. The IT Incubation Center and Golden Quadrangle NH-5 are what make the city more appealing. Places like Kalinga Nagar and Chandrasekharpur see an increase in demand for residential properties.

2. Pune, Maharashtra:

The fast growth of Pune is supported by educational institutions and SEZs, becoming one of the Top 10 smart cities in India. Travel from one place to another is made easier with smart buses, a planned metro rail system, and better roads for transportation.

Improvement can also be seen in both residential and commercial spaces. A smart city proposal encompasses the twin city of Pimpri-Chinchwad, which is recognized for its organized structures. Places such as Hadapsar and Baner are also involved in this smart city plan.

3. Indore, Madhya Pradesh:

Indore is still on top when it comes to waste handling process and famous heritage, having ideas for sustainable retrofitting. Ideas like smart classrooms and better healthcare make Indore a place where people want to live.

Places of education and learning like IIT and IIM bring students here as well as create jobs, helping in the growth of property. The city has been given awards for its good handling of waste and efforts in preserving heritage.

4. Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

Ahmedabad, it is a place where history and development come together. Being recognized by UNESCO for its historical importance adds to the special quality of this city that combines old with new in an interesting way. Ahmedabad’s inclusion on the list of top smart cities in India is not surprising because it has very good tourism facilities, focuses strongly on safety matters and manages urban areas efficiently.

In the city, there are many places for staying that can meet the needs of people from different parts of life. Also, Ahmedabad has good waste management and sanitation systems which make sure it is clean and healthy for both locals living there and those visiting as tourists.

In Ahmedabad, smart projects like e-governance, city surveillance and unified command centers show the embrace of technological progress. These actions have made administration smoother while also improving safety for everyone and how services are given out.

Moreover, the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City and also the Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway have been very important for economic growth and connecting this city. These efforts have made Ahmedabad a central place of new ideas and chances in business.

Ahmedabad’s successful combination of history, tourism, safety and urban management with smart initiatives has placed it in the Top 10 smart cities of India. This makes Ahmedabad an appealing place for both people who live there and those who visit them.

5. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu:

Coimbatore harmoniously mixes its industrial history with current urban growth, making it one among the top 10 smart cities in India. Recognized for sustainable energy and water preservation, this city displays a balance of green practices along with progress. The functioning traffic system, open parks and CCTV surveillance add to its smart city attribute.

The city provides a wide range of places to stay and has put in place effective methods for managing waste and hygiene. Coimbatore is accepting technology by using e-governance, observation systems, and combined control centers which make things work better while also improving public protection.

The rising IT industry is also helping in the development of real estate, especially in places like Vadavalli and along Trichy Road. The Coimbatore metro and ring road projects are adding to its smart city reputation by enhancing connectivity.

6. Kochi, Kerala:

Kochi, the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Kerala, is a fascinating mix of past and present. It has plans for balanced development that focus on creating sustainable living around its industrial growth. Canal restoration, better housing, health centers, waste management, and water supply are important parts of its smart city plan. Traffic management and control centers: These play a crucial role in maintaining safety and security.

They help to monitor the movement of vehicles, manage traffic flow efficiently, and respond promptly to any emergencies or accidents on the roadways.

Real estate development: The Kochi metro along with special economic zones (SEZs) as well as information technology (IT) parks are key factors that boost real estate growth.

These ventures create high demand for commercial spaces, residential units, and other property types around their locations. My friend, these two points are what I think is the answer you’re looking for to your question.

7. Hyderabad, Telangana:

Hyderabad blends historical charm with modern advancements, earning its place as one of the top 10 smart cities in India. The city offers comfortable living with affordable land options and well-planned infrastructure. Its thriving IT clusters contribute to its smart city status.

Hyderabad prioritizes smooth transportation through 135 link roads and the Strategic Road Development Plan. Intelligent development corridors like Patancheru Industrial and Hyderabad Airport attract real estate investments. The city’s seamless integration of historical richness and technological progress makes it an attractive destination for residents and businesses alike.

8. Jaipur, Rajasthan:

Pink City, Jaipur, is writing a splendid section in its history as it becomes part of smart cities. Smart schemes in Jaipur are linked with land rejuvenation and advancements at heritage spots.

You can find intelligent auto stands, info kiosks, UG metro stations as well as automated water quality management among other things here.

Regarding real estate investments, places such as Sikar Road Corridor and Ajmer Road are promising, effectively putting it in the position of Top 10 smart cities in India.

9. Surat, Gujarat:

Surat, known as the ‘Diamond City of India.’ It stands high among the top 10 smart cities in India with its many smart city efforts. The Surat Municipal Corporation is responsible for solar power generation here, along with waste-to-energy plants and clever water management systems. Big projects such as the city-wide Surat IT-MAC and Common City Payment System add to its recognition of being a smart city.

Surat, with its mix of cultural variety and technological progress, is a city that provides an interesting blend of heritage and modernity. This makes it appealing for people who want to live in a place where they can find both tradition as well as innovation.

10. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh:

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh and a place known for its cultural and historical importance, is now among India’s top 10 smart cities. The city gives attention to managing traffic effectively with an organized traffic control system.

It also has places for charging electric buses. Lucknow makes the smart city experience even better by providing wi-fi spots in parks and public areas.

Emphasizing this blending of cultural wealth with modern facilities, Lucknow presents a distinct mix of heritage and technological advancements. This makes it appealing to both people who live here and those coming to visit.


To finish, the top 10 smart cities in India show a strong commitment from the nation’s side to make use of technology for sustainable progress. They are not only providing high-quality living conditions but also offering good investment opportunities.

These cities act like symbols for new ideas and growth, which demonstrate how much India is focused on smart urban development and the better life quality of its people. Smart cities in India are ready to take charge with continuous improvements and planning towards a lively future that is efficient too.

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