Top 19 Digital Marketing Companies in India

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in India

In today’s world of technology where making a strong presence on the internet may seem difficult, due to various options available for increasing visibility there is no need to feel stuck because with expert support it becomes easy.

India has many renowned digital marketing agencies that can help drive real results for your business by utilizing skills like social media mastery and SEO expertise which will elevate the image of your brand to new levels. Let’s explore top 19 digital marketing companies in India, assisting in achieving online objectives and boosting growth for companies.

Top 19 Digital Marketing Companies in India

1. FoxyMoron

FoxyMoron stands out as one of the top digital marketing companies in India due to their forward-thinking approaches towards strategizing campaigns that yield significant impact. With offices stationed across Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bangalore, the company caters its services comprehensively with a vast array of options designed for this burgeoning era where technology reigns supreme over conventional marketing techniques.

The prowess exhibited by FoxyMoron in leveraging groundbreaking technologies has been demonstrated through their award-winning initiatives such as Schwarzkopf Professional’s ASMR campaign, a testament to the company’s innovative spirit and commitment towards delivering results that resonate deeply with clients and consumers alike.

The agency’s unparalleled achievements are further underscored by its diverse clientele base along with accolades received such as the e4m IDIA Award in 2022, an acknowledgment of the exceptional services it provides that have helped numerous businesses thrive amidst rapid digital transformations.

2. FCB Kinnect

FCB Kinnect is an esteemed full-service creative agency specializing in the “3Cs’ ‘ – Creative campaign communication, Content production, and Creator communities. The company integrates traditional branding methods with modern innovative solutions that blend creativity and data-driven insights for delivering impressive results to their clients across India. FCB Kinnect is known for its nurturing work culture investing significantly in the development of employees via their accolade-winning KinnectEDGE program. Their remarkable performance has been duly recognized by several awards, including Influencer Agency of The Year 2023, India Digital Agency Of The Year 2020, and multiple prestigious Cannes Lions Clio & Spikes Asia Awards. FCB Kinnect’s holistic approach to digital marketing reinstates its leadership position in India’s dynamic digitally evolving landscape.

3. Schbang

Schbang is one of the esteemed digital marketing agencies in India specializing in the realm of Digital Marketing since its establishment in 2015. With locations across Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi, it offers a comprehensive suite of services such as creative design, digital marketing strategies, and media planning, along with an in-house production unit. Schbang distinguishes itself through the seamless integration of these offerings to create impactful and cohesive promotional campaigns for renowned brands across India. The company has experienced remarkable growth since its inception, now employing a workforce ranging from 501 – 1,000 individuals. Schbang’s innovative approach as a “one-stop solution” provider within the digital marketing sphere sets it apart and establishes an authoritative presence throughout India’s burgeoning marketplace. By consistently delivering innovative campaigns that yield substantial results for its clients while prioritizing customer experiences, Schbang has become synonymous with success in Digital Marketing services across India.

4. PPN Solutions

PPN Solutions is an Indian agency in the field of Digital Marketing since its establishment in 2017 that provides extensive services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Web Development among others. Utilizing a performance-oriented approach to create personalized strategies tailored towards enhancing brand visibility and generating leads with an emphasis on increasing sales for their clients across the globe is what sets them apart from other competitors in this field based out of Chandigarh having regional offices located in UAE & Australia respectively. The key element that drives PPN Solutions’ methodology lies within its data-driven approach enabling continuous tracking and refinement to optimize strategy according to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This is a leader in the digital marketing agencies landscape and is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions with high Return on Investment which when combined with their aptitude for engaging audiences through diverse digital platforms has led them among the top-tier marketing agencies in India. Their unique blend of competence and innovation alongside tailor-made customer service makes PPN Solutions an ideal partner for businesses aspiring to enhance their online presence while striving for growth opportunities.

5. iProspect

iProspect is an eminent international marketing company that focuses on advancing corporate expansion by merging inventiveness with data-guided knowledge. Their unique strategies have made iProspect renowned, transforming ephemeral moments into prolonged involvement across multiple platforms through their creative methods and analytical acumen. The services provided include SEO optimization, business intelligence analysis, and marketing activation which prioritize sales over media performance metrics to ensure better outcomes for clients.

Their futuristic approach enables brands to adapt to rapidly evolving digital trends such as voice search technology efficiently. By offering strategic guidance with limited resources and global reach from its U.S headquarters, iProspect shapes brand strategies that resonate meaningfully within crowded markets while ensuring relevance at all times for consumers worldwide through their distinctive blend of insightful strategy development, artistic innovation, cutting-edge technologies expertise which sets them apart as leading marketers shaping digital growth globally.

6. WATConsult

WATConsult is one of top digital marketing companies in India,  located within the Dentsu Creative network specifically catering to India’s market needs. With locations in Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bengaluru they provide comprehensive services that include expert level social media management, creative solutions, advanced data analytics, strategic planning for business operations, tailored e-commerce practices as well as extensive research of the digital industry trends relevant to Indian audience preferences across platforms. Their innovative INNOWAT lab specializes in AR/VR technology and Bharat provides localized communication strategies that are effective within India’s diverse linguistic landscape. The agency also utilizes DASH tool for strategic data visualization, allowing them to make informed marketing decisions with accuracy and precision which has positioned WATConsult as leaders not only locally but globally in the digital industry due their unique blend of creativity technology driven insights that drive meaningful content creation between Indian brands audiences across different platforms.

7. Blusteak Media

Blusteak Media is one of the top digital marketing companies in India that offers all sorts of services across different sectors since its foundation back in 2018 with their offices located at Kottayam and Kochi, they serve more than a hundred clients from around the world. They’re experts when it comes to social media management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), influencer marketing as well as developing websites for you or your business.

Blusteak has managed ad spending of over 17 crores and produces about 400 plus different pieces of promotional material every week. Their specializations are in sectors such as e-commerce, fintech (financial technology), education field & B2B markets.   Clients praise their exceptional skills especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) services along with an innovative approach to marketing strategy which makes them stand out from the rest. 

They aim at revolutionizing this digital space using advanced technologies, providing consultation as well as chatbot development! Known for its ‘can-do’ attitude that exceeds all expectations of its clients, Blusteak Media has indeed made a name in major publications. They have now become one preferred choice when it comes to searching for expertise in the field of Digital Marketing Industry here in India

8. Viral Mafia 

Viral Mafia is an eminent growth hacking agency situated in Kerala, India that has made notable strides in the realm of digital marketing since its establishment in 2017. This esteemed organization boasts a workforce comprising over fifty professionals who have completed more than two thousand projects for one hundred twenty-five significant clients from all around the world. Utilizing an innovative methodology that incorporates growth hacking, lead generation, brand management, and e-commerce tactics, Viral Mafia maintains its edge in a highly competitive industry by adhering to contemporary trends and compliance standards. Based out of Calicut yet impactful on the international stage, this agency offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions catered towards businesses aspiring for accelerated growth within today’s rapidly evolving online landscape. Viral Mafia has garnered widespread acclaim due to its emphasis on cutting-edge methodologies and a commitment that transcends merely meeting client expectations but rather surpasses them with its blend of technical proficiency, creativity, and steadfast dedication towards securing the success of those they collaborate with.

9. EZ Rankings

EZ Rankings stands out as one of top digital marketing companies in India that has provided complete solutions including SEO, PPC advertising, social media management, as well web development services to its clients since its establishment back in the year of 2010. This esteemed organization has managed over ten thousand customers across twenty-eight different countries and proudly boasts having generated about four million nine hundred eighty thousand leads that have contributed to a revenue amounting to 2,45 billion dollars. 

With branches located both in India as well as the US territory, EZ Rankings specializes in its services in sectors such as the e-commerce industry, manufacturing businesses plus healthcare divisions by using data-driven strategies that ensure they deliver tangible and measurable results for their client’s needs. They are also known to place a strong emphasis on personalized solutions with open communication practices while ensuring ROI (Return of Investment) focused methods that have earned them top ratings in platforms like Google as well as Clutch, positioning EZ Rankings ahead amongst other agencies globally and specifically within India’s market when it comes down to digital marketing expertise.

10. Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers Digital is an innovative and one of the top 19 digital marketing companies in India specializing in data-driven marketing. Its founders Srikar Srinivasula and Sundeep Reddy created this firm, which excels at attracting visitors, improving conversions, and retaining customers through cutting-edge digital methods. 

Companies like Decathlon and Vahan trust Growth Hackers Digital to enhance their SEO rankings, reduce customer acquisition costs, and increase social media engagement dramatically; with a skilled team tailoring unique strategies for each client’s goals in the ever-evolving online world.

11. Social Panga

Social Panga is a successful advertising agency with branches all over India and some parts of the Middle East that specializes in making online marketing plans for businesses to connect better with their customers through creative methods like social media management or search engine optimization (SEO) among others, they also focus highly on customer satisfaction. 

With more than 350 experts working here, Social Panga brought itself among the top 19 digital marketing companies in India by creating eye-catching and unforgettable content, along with impressive campaigns that leave a mark on both the client as well their targeted audiences by using advanced techniques which increase brand awareness or reach for new customers leading to the growth of those brands in this fast-paced digital environment.

12. Webchutney

Webchutney, which started its journey in 1999, is now one of the top digital marketing companies in India. It has locations in Bengaluru (headquarters), Mumbai, and Gurgaon with more than 200 professionals working there who cater to big brands such as IKEA, Google, Flipkart, Uber and Swiggy. The agency’s innovative campaigns have won many awards including six Cannes Lions last year and also received multiple Spikes Asia honors.

The emphasis is on brand strategies for the long term, using media to achieve business goals and creating innovative digital brand ideas. PG Aditya, who works as a Creative Director in this agency, has been leading teams that have won notable international awards.

Webchutney’s history of producing powerful digital solutions and its notable accomplishments confirm its standing as one of the best digital marketing companies in India.

13. SEO Discovery

SEO Discovery, renowned as one of the best digital marketing companies in India, has been honored as the Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company of 2023. With over seventeen years in operation across more than five countries, they have an impressive 97% return client rate.

Their team of nearly four hundred skilled professionals has completed around eighteen thousand projects that focus on SEO and social media marketing to pay-per-click advertising and content writing among other services. CEO Mandeep Singh leads the company with his two decades of experience in digital promotions, blending AI and data science technologies into their strategies for customer success globally.

14. Zero Gravity Communications

Zero Gravity Communications is an Ahmedabad-based Indian agency leading in digital marketing since 2014. Their team of over 350 experts creates innovative online strategies, helping your brand connect with its audience through services like advertising, content creation, social media management, and SEO to ensure peak performance for you as well.

They have received numerous awards proving their quality work which has made them a reliable partner in digital marketing success.

15. ROI Minds

ROI Minds is one of the top 19 digital marketing companies in India, that specializes in personalized strategies based on data analysis for all types of online advertising: SEO, PPC campaigns, or social media promotion to name just a few – making sure your business attracts the right customers and achieve growth under their expertise led by Sandeep Kumar. 

They prioritize transparency as much as staying ahead of industry trends to provide innovative solutions while ensuring client satisfaction with real results for every partner’s digital marketing needs.

16. NP Digital India

NP Digital India is a top digital marketing company founded by well-known expert Neil Patel. It provides innovative solutions across SEO optimization, performance media management, social networking campaigns, as well as web development services. Serving both Indian local brands and international giants worldwide with tailored strategies that maximize website traffic and lower customer acquisition costs while enhancing their engagement on all platforms.

Committed to inclusive growth by prioritizing holistic solutions, and tackling clients challenges from various aspects of business operations, NP Digital India cultivates a diverse work environment focused solely inward for continuous improvement with its impressive online presence that reaches 9 million monthly blog visitors and has over 1 million YouTube subscribers along millions more on Ubersuggest.

17. Digidarts

Digidarts is an best digital marketing company in India based in Gurgaon, that focuses on all types of online promotions with more than 350 professionals working together. They are skilled at creating services using every way people see stuff over computers or phones – like ads, you can’t miss and make sure it ranks high when someone searches for something related to your brand/business. 

Their work helps companies in many industries, from online shopping sites and mobile apps to businesses selling their products through marketplaces all the while reaching customers in different ways possible with great results they have achieved over 200 times already. 

People trust Digidarts because of its success and dedication which has earned it lots of praise effectively putting it among the top 19 Digital marketing companies in India. They’re a reliable guide for companies who want more visibility in our digital world today to keep up and grow even further than before.

18. WebFx

WebFX is an experienced digital marketing company with 28 years in the business. They create personalized online strategies using industry-leading technology supported by over 500 experts, including more than 300 Google-certified professionals. Their custom platform called MarketingCloudFx uses billions of data points and AI for real-time reporting to help make informed decisions quickly.

With a strong track record boasting millions of leads generated, and nearly $15 million in e-commerce transactions facilitated, WebFX has helped its clients achieve over 6 billion dollars’ worth of revenue growth. They offer all sorts of services like SEO, PPC, and social media marketing making them the ideal choice for any business looking to improve its online presence while achieving significant expansion.

19. Communication Crafts  

Communication Crafts was founded in 2005 and is among the best digital marketing agencies in India based in Ahmedabad. They provide complete services such as social media marketing, video production, web design, and branding, along with expert guidance on online promotions. Over more than fifteen years of service, they have earned a solid reputation for helping numerous global clients succeed by being their reliable partner through digital transformation projects.

Their ability to find skilled remote developers within 48 hours makes them stand out from the rest. They currently serve over 150 active customers worldwide with great reviews and ISO certification that reflects on delivering quality work efficiently, meeting budget constraints as promised while maintaining high professional standards making Communication Crafts a reputed brand in India’s digital marketing industry.


As we finish our tour of India’s top 2024 digital marketing agencies in India, hopefully, you understand more clearly how important digital marketing is. These leading companies are pushing the limits on what can be done in online spaces.

When planning your journey into this world, remember that choosing a good partner could mean success or failure. Avoid settling for the average and seek an agency that shares not only your goals but also believes strongly about them as you do. Remember it’s more than numbers, we are making our digital mark to inform, entertain, and inspire, truly leaving behind something lasting in the virtual world.

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