Top Real Estate Companies in Kolkata [Updated List 2024]

Top Real Estate Companies in Kolkata

Kolkata is a bustling metropolis brimming with culture, which has undergone considerable change in its property scene during recent years. As a result, this city now serves as an epicenter for real estate development and construction projects – drawing the industry’s elite players while providing diverse housing options to both residents and businesses alike. Let us dive into these top real estate companies in Kolkata transforming Kolkata’s skyline:

Top Real Estate Companies in Kolkata

1. NK Realtors – The Stand Out Brand Among the Top Real Estate Companies in Kolkata  

NK Realtors, which is a known to one of top real estate companies in Kolkata with more than 35 years of experience in pleasing home buyers. They have successfully sold hundreds of thousands units to solidify their place among the best real estate companies within city limits. NK Realtors recognizes that home buyers have different requirements and therefore they provide a wide variety of services. They offer a wide range of services like market knowledge, strategic thinking, excellence in marketing and sales to meet the special requirements of every client.

The properties shared by NK Realtors are created by topmost, dependable and famous developers. This provides a guarantee of excellent quality for all the clients. The company has a group of proficient representatives who are constantly read to assist customers in purchasing homes, making this task as easy and direct as possible.

2. PS Group

PS Group

PS Group is well-known for its high standards of quality and innovation in the real estate sector of Kolkata. They have an established presence throughout the city, having completed iconic projects that redefine modern living. The PS Group’s portfolio consists of renowned tech parks, corporate spaces, as well as residential complexes. Their dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction has made them a reliable choice for both homebuyers and investors alike.

Some of their Notable Achievements Include:

  • The PS Magnolia – a prestigious housing project in South Kolkata with spacious apartments featuring contemporary amenities and lush green surroundings.
  • PS Invictus: A commercial and retail property located at Rowdon Street, offering ultra-premium units with international infrastructure and advanced security features.
  • PS Abacus: A commercial property in New Town Action Area II, opposite the Auto Mall, with international infrastructure, a big parking space, and good proximity to convenience facilities.

3. Merlin Group

Merlin Group

The Merlin Group is known for its wide variety of projects that make it an important player within the realm of property management and construction in Kolkata, India.

They are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences with a diverse portfolio ranging from luxurious living spaces to comfortable homes along with office parks, commercial areas, and residential complexes which showcases their well-rounded expertise throughout all aspects of real estate development making them one of the top real estate companies in Kolkata.

Some remarkable examples of their work include the luxurious and convenient One Merlin Park, which offers spacious apartments and modern facilities, Merlin Infinity, a unique mixed-use development featuring commercial spaces, retail areas, and premium homes all in one location, and Uniworld City, an extensive integrated township project providing diverse residential options (apartments to villas) along with commercial and recreational areas.

4. Ambuja Neotia

Ambuja Neotia

Ambuja Neotia is an established real estate company that focuses on creating eco-friendly communities where everyone can feel included. 

They have completed several integrated township projects that combine living spaces with business areas, shops, etc., all of this while paying close attention to detail and including top-notch infrastructure along with modern conveniences in their creations. Their work is renowned for the effort they put into every single project.

Some noteworthy ones are:

  • Ecospace: A distinctive business park that combines workspaces with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices and employee wellness.
  • Neotia Vista: An innovative mixed-use development that includes residential flats, shopping areas, and a hotel, creating a vibrant and convenient lifestyle for its residents.

5. Srijan Realty

Srijan Realty

Srijan Realty is one of the top real estate companies in Kolkata, that specializes in creating high-quality residential and commercial properties for customers seeking comfort and convenience.

They maintain strong values of customer satisfaction by being transparent in all aspects, ensuring their projects have ample space with proper ventilation and the latest amenities found throughout prime areas within the city’s landscape.

Some Notable Projects:

  • Srijan Aurum: Luxurious apartments with advanced features in a central city location.
  • Srijan Heritage: Classic architecture combined with modern amenities for a unique living experience.
  • Srijan Heights: High-rise residences in a prime area of Kolkata, offering stunning views of the city.

6. Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties has established itself across India including Kolkata where they are bringing a new level of refinement and style in their properties with unique designs that prioritize environmental responsibility while fostering lively neighborhoods. 

This is a prominent player that ranks among the top real estate companies in Kolkata and is highly respected for its emphasis on sustainability, innovative design concepts, and creating dynamic residential areas throughout the city’s real estate market.

Some of their significant projects are as follows:

Godrej Platinum: An elegant residential development featuring spacious and beautifully designed apartments situated in a prime location in Kolkata.

7. Vinayak Developers

Vinayak Developers

Vinayak Developers is now known as a reliable company in the Kolkata real estate industry because they have always focused their services on the customers first by delivering high-quality projects on time. This well-renowned firm offers all sorts including residential apartments, commercial complexes, and mixed-use developments that catch everyone’s eye no matter what type of buyer you are.

8. Sugam Homes

Sugam Homes

Sugam Homes are well-known in Kolkata for constructing high-quality residential buildings with an emphasis on comfort, affordability, accessibility, effective use of space, and close attention to details that cater to various buyers’ needs. 

This company has earned a strong reputation through its excellent workmanship while focusing on affordable housing options ensuring its projects are accessible to many people in the area.

Among their notable projects are:

  • Sugam Habitat, is an expertly designed community featuring various apartment layouts for diverse family requirements, accompanied by numerous amenities.
  • Niavara: 3 & 4 BHK luxury condominium in central Kolkata
  • Navya: 3 BHK & 4 BHK flats in Jessore Road, Dolata
  • Sugam Prakriti: 2 & 3 BHK affordable housing project off Kamal Gazi more, Kolkata

9. DLF


DLF is an established real estate giant, which is known to be one of the top real estate companies in Kolkata, that has made its mark on Kolkata by offering top-notch residential and commercial spaces. 

With a deep-rooted history in this field, DLF brings to the city its signature touch of luxury and excellence through its grand designs and modern amenities for living.

Some Notable Accomplishments Include:

DLF New Town Heights: An extensive township project occupying vast amounts of land with residential, commercial, and recreational spaces creating a lively, self-sufficient community.

10. Propacity


Propacity is a new real estate company that emerged from the minds of ex-consultants at McKinsey, BCG, and Deloitte. They aim for transparency in India’s opaque property market using technology since January 2020. Their flagship app “Propacitity Plus” empowers brokers with digital skills while their company intends to revolutionize the sector through innovative B2B, and B2C solutions under Propacity ProTech Pvt Ltd., growing significantly and achieving impressive sales figures in a short period.


Kolkata’s real reality sector is booming due to these top real estate companies in Kolkata, each adding their special touch with innovation and expertise that shape the urban scenery and provide diverse choices for people wanting to put money into this bustling industry.

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