YRKKH 12th April 2024 Written Update (Ruhi’s Divorce Drama Ruins Romance)

In today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, viewers were surprised by what happened at the resort. Armaan and Abhira were enjoying their time together when suddenly, Ruhi appeared with divorce papers, making everything chaotic. This puts Armaan and Abhira’s budding romance at risk, and fans are curious about what will happen next in their relationship.

As things get more intense and emotions run high, the atmosphere at the resort becomes tense and unsure. Armaan and Abhira feel torn between their emotions and the problems they’re dealing with because of Ruhi’s threat. People wonder if their love can handle Ruhi’s interference or if it will break apart because of old promises and secret reasons.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai update today

YRKKH Written Update for Today

As the episode starts, Ruhi interrupts Armaan and Abhira’s moment and says she’s booked a room. She tells them she has surprises for them and lies to Abhira, saying she’s there to help with the resort. Abhira mentions Armaan has already handled things. Abhira asks Ruhi about the surprise in the envelope she’s carrying, then hurries off to help Kaka. Armaan questions Ruhi’s presence, and she confesses she’s there to restart her relationship with him. Armaan tells her they have no future together. Ruhi asks if he sees a future with Abhira, and he denies it. She asks him to sign divorce papers and end the marriage.

He explains to her that there are only three months left until their marriage officially ends, and he doesn’t think it’s right to abandon his responsibilities before then. She insists he will fall in love with Abhira during this time, and three months is long enough for people to get close. She wants him to sign the papers, but he refuses. He tells her he won’t leave Abhira just because she says so. She mentions making a promise to Manish and tells him she informed Manish about her decision to pursue her love. She seeks Manish’s blessings and hopes Armaan will marry her. She tells Armaan he needs to meet her family and discuss their marriage, giving him an ultimatum. Armaan is shocked when Ruhi threatens to tell Abhira the truth. Abhira warmly welcomes Ruhi and takes her to the room.

Meanwhile, Charu meets Dev, and they share a romantic moment. She is worried about Ruhi finding out about their affair. She tells Dev she wants to confess the truth to her family. Dev asks for time to win the child custody case and promises to talk to her family about their marriage. She asks if his ex knows about them. Dev’s ex-wife Sanjana enters and discovers his new relationship. Sanjana tells him he won’t win the case by seeking sympathy from people.

Dev is confident he’ll win custody of his child this time. He notices Charu. Dev introduces Charu as his intern. Charu asks for a private chat. Sanjana questions Dev about Charu. Dev doesn’t think she has the right to question his choices. Meanwhile, Manisha is upset to hear Ruhi is in Mussoorie. She tells Vidya Ruhi will ruin Armaan and Abhira’s marriage, but Vidya doesn’t believe her. Manisha knows Ruhi’s intentions are bad.

Armaan gets upset by Ruhi’s surprise visit and breaks things out of frustration. He recalls his promise to Akshara. Abhira remembers a special moment with Armaan. She’s busy cleaning a carpet when Armaan helps her. She tells him he’ll always take care of her, so she’s not worried. They share a moment, and Abhira starts to feel love for him. They accidentally fall together on the floor. Abhira wants to tell him she loves him. Manish tells Swarna that Ruhi still loves someone and wants the family to meet him. He just wants Ruhi to be happy, but Swarna doesn’t like Armaan.

She doubts Ruhi can persuade Armaan to marry her. Abhira catches Ruhi jumping on the bed and swatting mosquitoes. Abhira teases her, calling it a Mosquito dance. They chat about Armaan, and Abhira laughs. Ruhi isn’t happy hearing about their love stories. She asks Abhira about her and Armaan sharing a room and suggests they sleep separately since it’s not their family house where they pretend to be close. Abhira argues back, saying Ruhi has no right to comment on their marriage. Ruhi calls their marriage fake, leading to a heated argument. Ruhi later apologizes to Abhira.

Ruhi suggests they have fun around a bonfire. Armaan hears Ruhi’s in trouble and leaves to help her. Abhira also faces danger when some thugs arrive at the resort. Armaan is torn between saving Ruhi or Abhira.

The Episode continues on 5th April 2024.

Today’s Episode Update (Summary)

  • Ruhi interrupts Armaan and Abhira’s moment at the resort.
  • Ruhi lies about her intentions, claiming to help with resort preparations.
  • Armaan rejects Ruhi’s advances and refuses to sign divorce papers.
  • Ruhi threatens to reveal the truth to Abhira and pressures Armaan to marry her.
  • Charu expresses concern about her affair with Dev and plans to reveal the truth to her family.
  • Dev assures Charu of winning the child custody case and confronts his ex-wife, Sanjana.
  • Manisha fears Ruhi’s interference in Armaan and Abhira’s marriage.
  • Armaan and Abhira share intimate moments despite Ruhi’s presence.
  • Ruhi stirs up trouble by questioning Abhira and Armaan’s relationship.
  • The episode ends with Ruhi preparing divorce papers, signalling further trouble for Armaan and Abhira.

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