YRKKH 13th April 2024 Written Update (Armaan and Abhira’s Love Drama)

In today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, viewers were hooked as a surprising turn of events unfolded in the characters’ complicated relationships. Just when it seemed like Armaan and Abhira were getting closer, a sudden revelation threatened to break their bond. Ruhi, an important character, enters the scene, stirring up tension and changing their relationship.

In the calm surroundings of Mussoorie, where love is felt all around, Ruhi’s arrival brings uncertainty. Her news could break Armaan and Abhira’s connection. As secrets loomed and feelings intensified, people wondered: Will this news cause sadness or open a new chapter in their lives?

YRKKH written update

YRKKH Written Update for Today

Abhira misses Akshara and cries. Armaan comes to her. Ruhi wants to hurry to see Armaan and Abhira. Armaan comforts Abhira. Abhira asks him to stop talking like a lawyer. She suggests they just look at the stars. They have a moment to share their thoughts about the stars. Ruhi finds the door stuck and gets locked in the room.

She just wants to cause trouble for Armaan and Abhira. Armaan remembers Ruhi’s warning. He tells Abhira about it but she’s asleep. Ruhi comes later and scolds Armaan for not telling Abhira about the divorce. He tells her to calm down. Ruhi shouts and argues with him, but Abhira stays asleep. Armaan blames Ruhi for not caring about his feelings and only thinking about herself. He refuses to follow her orders. He explains that he can’t hurt Abhira just because Ruhi suspects his feelings. Ruhi talks about what she gave up.

Kaveri’s Concern:

She says she sacrificed her love and happiness for him. She reminds him that she married Rohit and accepted his and Abhira’s marriage because he promised to stay loyal to her. She accuses him of breaking her heart. He says he doesn’t keep track of his sacrifices. She calls him selfish and a coward for not being honest. She’s upset with him. Kaveri starts playing video games with the children when she gets a call from an unknown number. She’s threatened by Saxena’s son, who says he’ll go to Mussoorie to meet Armaan and the two Poddar Bahus. He tells her to give him what he wants if she wants their safety. Kaveri gets worried.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Armaan and Ruhi’s Relationship:

Armaan finds Ruhi sleeping when he arrives. She pretends to be asleep and overhears Armaan to reassure her about their relationship. She tries to talk to him, but Armaan hears Abhira sneezing and rushes to take care of her. Ruhi sees Armaan with Abhira once again. Kaveri tells the man not to hurt her family but doesn’t tell her family what’s happening.

Morning Revelations:

In the morning, Abhira wakes up and finds Armaan sleeping beside her. Feeling happy, she hugs him. Armaan wakes up when she touches him. She fibs, saying she was just trying to get rid of a mosquito on his cheek. He teases her, asking if she’s taking advantage of him being sleepy. She calls him annoying and strange, hiding her feelings.

Abhira’s Confusion:

Abhira runs off and blushes, thinking about him. She tells herself that she’s just a responsibility to Armaan, not someone special. She wonders why he always puts her first. Armaan sees Abhira blushing but doesn’t get why. Abhira considers the possibility that he might like her too. Armaan decides to talk to her about getting a divorce. Meanwhile, Kaveri’s blood pressure goes up. The doctor checks her and advises her to take care, but Kaveri refuses to talk to the doctor.

Surprising Discoveries:

Vidya and Manisha suspect Kaveri is hiding something. Abhira goes to see Ruhi and accidentally answers a call meant for Ruhi from Manish. Abhira finds out about Ruhi’s lover. She tells Manish that Ruhi is also with Armaan and her in Mussoorie and passes on his message. Swarna is worried about Ruhi visiting Mussoorie. When Ruhi arrives, she realizes that Abhira knows about her love.

Today’s Episode Update (Summary)

  • Abhira misses Akshara and feels better when Armaan comforts her.
  • They look at stars and talk about what they see.
  • Ruhi tries to cause trouble for Armaan and Abhira but ends up stuck in a room.
  • Armaan tells Abhira about Ruhi’s threat, but she’s sleeping.
  • Ruhi comes late and asks Armaan why he didn’t tell Abhira about the divorce.
  • Armaan and Ruhi argue about giving up things and staying loyal.
  • Kaveri gets a scary call from Saxena’s son, worrying about her family’s safety.
  • Armaan tries to reassure Ruhi about their relationship, not knowing she’s listening.
  • Abhira wakes up next to Armaan, falling for him but keeping it a secret.
  • Armaan notices Abhira blushing and thinks about talking about divorce.
  • Kaveri’s health gets worse because of high blood pressure, but she hides it from her family.
  • Abhira finds out about Ruhi’s secret lover when she accidentally answers a call meant for Ruhi.

The Episode continues on 14th April 2024.

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